On February 2nd 2023 Osprey will publish Sign Here for Sacrifice: The Untold Story of the Third Battalion, 506th Airborne, Vietnam 1968 by Ian Gardner.

Through countless interviews and rare personal photographs, Sign Here for Sacrifice shows the action, leadership, humor and bravery displayed by these airborne warriors in near impossible  circumstances.

Winning battles, losing the war. Forging bonds of brotherhood, callously zipping up body bags in a morgue. The Vietnam War was a litany of countless contradictions. This is brought home with brutal honesty in this history of a legendary airborne unit reactivated at the height of the war. Drawing on interviews with veterans, Ian Gardner reveals how the 800-strong Third Battalion of the 506th Airborne was imbued with the same legendary “Currahee” spirit that had defined the volunteers of World War II.

This fabulous book reveals our fears, hardships, humor, trust in each other and creation of a bond that still endures to this day. A must-read for teachers and students of combat leadership.” Joe Alexander, Platoon Leader, A Company



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