Eureka XXL offers a range of really useful diorama items in 1/35 scale. This review deals with one of the company’s concrete road panel sets, a great product designed to help in creating heavy-duty surfaces like roads, airfields or parking lots.


I got two concrete road panel sets from Eureka XXL for my upcoming diorama. The review of the first set was recently published on Armorama (link), while this review deals with Modern Concrete Road Panels Set #2 (E-020).


The set comes in a top-opening hard cardboard box. The box art shows the contents of the set and lists the dimensions of the individual panel (85,7 x 42,8 mm) as well as the surface which can be covered using the 4 panels supplied in the set (144,5 cm2). A very useful info when planning the layout of a diorama.

The set includes 4 pieces cast in grayish plaster, each additionally secured with a layer of bubble wrap.

The cast is really good and the brass wire lifting loops nicely incorporated in the plaster. The material is brittle but can be easily carved or snapped to simulate used and damaged concrete panels. Additionally, the tinted plaster simulates raw concrete so the pieces can be used straight out of the box.

Modern concrete road panels are widely used to build parking lots, driveways, airfields and other infrastructure. I’m not completely sure which concrete panel the set depicts, but I managed to find info on similar panels being used throughout Eastern Europe and Russia as routine pavement construction for roads and airfields. The panels provided excellent load carrying capacity and offered particular advantages for construction in adverse weather, rapid installation, maintenance on unfavorable soils, and construction in remote or environmentally sensitive areas.

Eureka set offers a quick and easy way to replicate these panels in scale. Please note there are several concrete panel sets in Eureka catalogue to choose from, with slightly different shapes and dimensions.


I can highly recommend Modern Concrete Road Panels Set #2 (E-020) from Eureka XXL. The set delivers 4 plaster cast pieces which can be used for building 1/35 scale dioramas of modern urban areas, military bases and airfields.



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