This review will cover the box and contents for the E100 Flak 40. The kit will get a dedicated build blog and go on to be incorporated in a 1/72 Dio group build.

Most modellers are familiar with the WW2 German development of so called wonder weapons and the paper Panzer ideas that were on the drawing board so I won't delve into that area, and instead just concentrate on the contents form the box in this offering from Modelcollect.

When I saw the box it was actually almost bursting open as I thought it and been packed wrong, but no that wasn't the case; it was just literally overflowing with sprues ! Hopefully you can make that out in the next picture.

I was a little shocked just how much kit you get in this box, and I will go into that a bit later, because sometimes more is not always a good thing.

The sprues come in sealed clear bags and in all, you get 9 actual sprues, a fret of PE, and a decal sheet and full rubber tracks. There are actually 2 other parts of sprues which had to be cut from the main sprue as they won't fit in the box otherwise.

The other oddity is the sprues do not run alphabetically. They go, B, Dx2, E, x2Js but they have totally different parts so I called them J1 and J2, N, X and Z. 

There is a little bit of flash and sink/pour marks on some of the parts, but they all seem to be in hidden areas, apart from the flash which will require some minor trimming.

The other odd thing is that you get 3 types of upper hull included and 2 sets of hull sides.

One hull is the required one for this kit, another one is for a gun tank, and the other is for the mid engined one for the version that used the mobile V1 missile or the Rheintochter 1(which could also fit this hull). So you now begin to understand why the box was trying to burst open. This over packing also demonstrates how several parts, mostly upper and the lower hull section suffered quite bad warping where they were pressed hard into each other. I will show you the lower hull and the curve of the warp it suffered in the next image.

I will begin by showing the instructions, which on initial inspection look nice and clear and offers a paint scheme towards the rear of the leaflet.

Onto the sprues, starting with B. This contains the upper hull for a gun tank, lower hull sides, and other hull detailing. This also contains the lower hull plate which was badly warped. Last big parts here are the side skirts, which come as one piece, however, it does  look like you cut them in to the 3 separate parts if you so wished. 

Next are the 2 D sprues. This contains mostly running gear, wheels, suspension units and axle arms. And I have just noticed a mini Comds IR cupola sight, which may find a use during the build phase. With the suspension units and axle arms, these must be for another variant as the kit ones come as a pre put together long unit, so again.... A fair bit of unused kit there. Saying that, it does look possible that you could use either or of the ways to do the suspension... I will be using the pre put together parts that are on sprue J.

Next we have sprue E. Now this looks like a nice little addition for the detailers among us. This is a nicely detailed engine and air fan assemblies with bulkheads. You also get a decent amount of engine pipe work, which could easily be displayed as a vehicle undergoing some maintenance.

Next is sprue J1. This contains the upper hull for this build and the complete suspension run. It also has the gun mounts for the E100 Flak40 Zwilling. 

Next is J2, which has the turret for the Flak40 and also an upper hull for a mid engine version E100 that carries the V1 or Rheintochter 1 missile at the rear. It also has the lower hull sides for that vehicle version. This hull has suffered from extensive warping due to the over packing though, but it would be easily fixed if you were using it.

Next we have sprue N. This is mostly gun body parts for the Flak40, but it also has a lot of extra pieces for the Flak40 Zwilling as well. 

Last 2 main sprues are X and Z. These contain the bulk of the gun assembly. Recoil buffers, barrel (only 1), gun rail, trunnions, breach area etc.

The tracks are the one piece plastic that glue together. They are nice and firm to show the crisp detail they have and once painted I imagine they are going to look very good. 

Next is the PE and decals. The PE looks nice and crisp and for this version gives you the engine grills, deck lifting hooks, and a driver's sight guard. The rest is for other variants, but I may be able to find some use for a few  bits on other areas of the kit.

Decals are standard black crosses and a good selection of Divisional markings and various numbers to allow you some artistic licence when you mark it up.

In conclusion, this looks like a very nicely detailed and inexpensive kit for what you actually get in the box.

Each piece I looked at has very nice clear and to my eye in scale detail, which when it's all together should give you a very nice looking rendition of one of the many paper Panzer's on offer. The only couple of things I would say are you will lose alot of nice gun detail once the turret goes on, however it may be able to be removed if the fit is good enough but I won't find out about that until when I put it together in the future. The added engine is a nice touch allowing  for some good diorama possibilities.

The one negative is the over packing of the box. It caused very bad warping on 3 main elements, but as mentioned previously, I am very confident that with some time, care, strong glue and masking tape they will fit correctly.

A nice looking, very good value for money kit which I would happily recommend to you.

This vehicle will be built in a mini build blog and then be going into a group build for 1/72 or below Dioramas using a maximum A4 paper size base area. 



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