Here we get a look at another of the ICM multi kit offerings titled 'Mobile Brigade West'.


The following introduction is taken from the ICM website:

This brigade was created in the summer of 1943 as a mobile unit for operational reinforcement of important areas of German defence in the West. It included units of motorized infantry, self-propelled guns, engineering and reconnaissance units. An interesting feature of the brigade was its heavy weapons, which in the vast majority consisted of samples created on the basis of French trophy equipment. The Baukommando Becker design bureau led by military engineer Alfred Becker was engaged in the processing and modernization of this equipment. Among the samples of such equipment were self-propelled guns (105-mm self-propelled howitzers and 75-mm anti-tank tank destroyers), created on the basis of the French FCM 36 tank captured by the Wehrmacht in 1940. The transformation of tanks into self-propelled guns was carried out by equipping them with Armored cockpits with installed in them with guns. The brigade also had French military vehicles, such as the Laffly V15T all-terrain vehicle, which in the Wehrmacht had the designation Laffly (f) Typ V15T. The brigade was trained and trained in France, and later.


This product from ICM being one of their multi kit releases, bringing together models that have been previously released and sole separately. Due to this, I will be keeping this review short concentrating on the product content, how the kits are holding up. The models are all individually wrapped, with me having one disappointment from the off, with that being no figures are included in this release. With all of these vehicles being open, they really would have benefited from some troops. What you do get is a 10.5cm LeFH 16 (Sf) Ausf Geschutzwagen FCM36(f), a Marder 1 on FCM36 base and a Laffly (f) TYP V15T. The kits being individually packaged in this release makes for building the models an easy prospect, and providing you can resist the urge of opening all of the  model packages at the same time you will avoid confusion. One of the issues with each bag containing one full model means that there is the risk of breakages or warping of parts. The offering in this example have avoids all of these issues, but it is a risk. 

Looking through the models one at a time, it is obvious to me that the moulds are showing no sign of degradation, despite being in a war zone. Access to the various elements is good in all regards, with the gates between the parts and the sprue being of a good size and so avoiding problems during removal. Of the three kits brought together here, I have built the Marder 1 for the most part construction was straightforward, with my only concern being the location of some of the body panels being a little bit of guess work in some cases. The tracks are vinyl rubber in both cases, and I found that mine were a little on the loose side, but you may feel or find differently. One of the things that I do like about these models, is that being modified captured vehicles and some parts for the base tank being included in the release means that the modeller is provided with elements such as tools, that they can mount of the vehicle as wished giving it their own unique appearance, and in my opinion this is an aspect of the real vehicle that crews would take advantage of when possible and available. You could even if wished look at adding some extra armoured panels as I am sure that the crew would rather hear a ricochet than a bang. 


This offering from ICM bringing together two SPG’s and a Laffly a vehicle which if I am honest does not appeal other than its unusual look  which is a form of appeal in itself and so an interesting release. I cannot help but feel that ICM has at best missed a trick or at worst failed their fans by not including any figures in this release. Part of my reasoning for this is that I feel that ICM is a very high end 1/35th scale figure producer and I also know that they have figures that would fit in with this release a treat, the German drivers for instance. I do feel that these multi kit releases give the modeller a chance to pick up kits in a single purchase that they may not be able to afford or justify as single purchases. 



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