Here we present a statement from MK35 Editions on its future direction. All the best in whatever direction it may take!

After 30 years of activity in the Edition (14 Albums published in our collection MILITAR’S KITS, books dedicated to Military Modeling), in the Creation of Figures, Accessories and Buildings for our ranges 1:35, O scale and 1:43 Military, MK35 France retires from the World of Miniature at the end of the year to take a well-deserved retirement!

Our choice was largely influenced by the current artistic blurring around retirement age… 63, 64, 65 etc… and under what period of application...

Starting from the principle that it is better to hold than race, MK35 France prefers to hold concrete! Aware that this sudden announcement will destabilize many of you, dear French and Foreign customers, it is also difficult for us to abandon you at a time when the success and sales of our production are always in full swing.

MK35 France



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