Adie Roberts gets the chance to do an inbox review on the new MiniArt Werkstattkraftwagen Typ-03-30 this looks to be a good model and MiniArt have been producing some amazing kits in recent times lets see if this is one of them.

Brief history

 Maintenance of the tracklaying was the function of organic and non-organic units. The organic units were established exclusively at the company and regimental levels, while the non-organic ones were attached either as entities or in part to maintenance detachments or companies in the field to assist them in carrying out their mission.

The smallest organic unit was the maintenance detachment of the tank company, which was composed, of 19 enlisted men. The senior non-commissioned officer, the detachment leader supervised operations. He was assisted by two crew chiefs. Among the privates were 6mechanics 2 of whom drive the trucks, 2 radio repairmen, 2 armourers, 1 electrician,1 welder, 1 spare parts clerk, and 3 drivers. Initially, wheeled equipment of the detachment consisted of 3 to 4 vehicles, including a motorcycle with a sidecar or a personnel carrier, a light 1-ton half-track prime mover and a parts truck, and 1 passenger car. The shop trucks were used exclusively for the transport of such tools and equipment as a workbench with vice, a gas welding unit, a hand drill set, as well mechanics, tinsmiths, carried on the carried and electrician tools. The recovery equipment carried on the shop truck included cables, winches, pulleys, and jacks.


The box is a cardboard bottom box with a thin cardboard liftoff lid which the artwork really does look the part and is an eye-catcher when you see the box on the shelf. Inside the box when you open it is a full box of sprues light grey to medium grey 60 sprues to be precise.

One small white cardboard sleeve in which is one medium photo-etch sheet that does contain quite a few photoetch pieces as well as a small decal sheet.

The instruction book has twenty pages, fourteen pages contain, the build instructions build up in 84 separate parts looking at the instructions they all seem straightforward without too many complications.



The detail on the plastic is the first thing I noticed crisp lines.

So, starting with the main parts of the body, now looking more closely at the sprues I can see some imperfections on the top of the roof, a seam line that runs straight down the centre of the roof that is meant to be there looks as if it has been damaged in transit. One of the only issues I have with this kit is all the sprues come in one plastic bag, with all the traveling it is likely there that the damage occurred in transit which is a shame being packed in separate bags would be the better option.

The doors look plush and even has a hole with moulded fitting in place for the door handle, fitting this is on the outside of the door, one of the things that I do like is the moulding of the front doors on the inside where they bend inwards to fit the lines of the body and is a real flush fit.

The build of the engine is where you start your build of this great-looking kit it is actually a full build, with a sump mid-section where the crankshaft would be housed then the main block followed by the head all of which are well detailed. In fact, if you wanted it to be an open bonnet add some wires you will have a real talking point as far as detail. The chassis comes next and again there is some simple detail but let’s be honest you are not going to be seeing much of it in a diorama setting it is likely to have weathering on it the cross members have some more detail which includes housing for the driveshaft.

The suspension is of course is a leaf spring and MinArt has managed to create the effect of each individual metal in the moulding. The main driving area is well represented with everything you would expect to see a small dashboard steering wheel and indicator switches, lights, and hand brake.

When you get down to number 40 of the build wow! And I do mean wow the amount of detail in the rear of the truck with its workbenches tools a real lot of tools and equipment to be able to do the work on any vehicle, the lists are long and include double-end bench grinder, bench vice, hack saw, closed and open expanding toolboxes, anvil, blow torch, mobile compressor, G-clamp, coping saw, bucket small, cupboards the list goes on.

The rear of the truck/bus once complete looks really nice with its fitted roller-blinds and handles which are then your option for open or closed. I will make a way of fitting the roof so that it is on and stable, but I will be able to lift off to show the amount of equipment, storage space, cupboards the back doors can be left open with a step to get into the back of it or closed with a folded-up step.

Just when you think that it is all finished comes the roof rack which is absolutely stacked with further equipment with quite possibly the best fuel drums as in moulded plastic that I have ever seen simply superb, along with this you have wooden boxes, storage boxes, triangular can with photo-each handle, Oxy-Acetylenebottles with bases two off, trolley for the oxy bottles, six jerry cans plus various others.


Instructions come in the form of the usual booklet these are very clear A-4 a total of twenty pages with the build sections totaling eighty-four separate sections, the last page is in full colour and is the painting guide.


This is going to be a long build but one that will be stunning once finished, this is not brand-new tooling of this vehicle, though it was only done in 2015 so is by no means an old mould, however, with this new boxing with all the extras including a single figure this is going to be hard to beat for a solid diorama. Add to this the other MiniArt new tooled Tankmenwith Gantry Crane & Maybach HL 120 Engine MiniArt 1:35 35350 or the 5 Ton Gantry Crane and Equipment MiniArt 1:35 35589 then I can’t wait to see these builds, I wholeheartedly recommend this kit, if like me you love dioramas then the possibilities are as much as your own mind can store, SuperbMiniArt.




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