This review covers the ubiquitous portable computer and its military grade case delivered in 1/35 scale by Eureka XXL.


Military personnel rely on portable computing power to get the job done. From analyzing intel, field communications to controlling smart weapons, military laptops must maintain reliable performance in harsh environments and extreme operating conditions.

Pelican offers several military grade watertight and dust proof cases for laptops. Their 472-D630 Storm Case is outfitted with optimal cushioning to protect the computer from the elements.


This review covers Military Laptop Case & Laptop (E-059), a 1/35 scale set from Eureka XXL.

The set is packed in a small cardboard box, intelligently designed to showcase the pieces through a small front opening.

The box contains a zip lock bag with grey resin pieces and a small decal sheet. I took a closer look at the resin pieces and can report the cast is superb, with the details sharp and wonderfully delivered. I didn’t notice any casting imperfections, no seam lines, air bubbles or any similar issues.

Casting blocks are large but should be fairly easy to remove. I would suggest some extra care when cleaning the thin laptop parts… these delicate pieces probably wouldn’t tolerate manhandling.

The case depicts 472-D630-LAPTOP Laptop Case from Pelican. The case is designed to fit one Dell 630 laptop computer and accessories, and is manufactured in four military colors: Black, Desert Tan, Grey and Olive Drab Green. The case exterior dimensions are 19.20 x 15.20 x 7.30 in (48.8 x 38.6 x 18.5 cm).

The laptop should be Dell 630, as this particular Pelican case is designed to fit that model. But in 1/35 scale, I can’t really tell as all laptops look the same.

I inspected the resin case and found all the features of the real case faithfully reproduced in scale: two press & pull latches, the handle, two padlockable hasps and flush hinges are all there. The foam padding on the lid is nicely done as well.

The dimensions of the 1/35 scale case are 14,2 x 11 x 5,4 mm.

As for the laptop, the keyboard and touchpad are defined really well.

A small decal is supplied for those who want to install Windows 10 to their models. Some custom made stickers could be a cool modification for the laptop as well.


Military Laptop Case & Laptop (E-059) from Eureka XXL offers a 1/35 scale portable computer, military case for its safe transport and a small decal sheet. Perfectly cast with the superb details all around, this set delivers an accurate and well-sized reproduction of the item commonly seen during various modern-day conflicts. Highly recommended.



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