New from CMK comes a pair of highly detailed 3D-printed MG 3 machine guns.

The MG 3 is one of the most widely used, modern times machine guns produced in Germany and can be seen mainly on Bundeswehr military vehicles as is the Leopard tank, Marder personnel carrier, ATF Dingo and MAN lorries, both as a primary and secondary weapon. On top of that, the MG3 found its way to the militaries of more than fourty other countries all over the world, from the NATO countries, including the Czech army, to the armies in Asia, Africa or the Americas. And as the Leopard tanks are also widely used, the MG3 guns can be found in Australia or Canada, too.

The 3D-printed set brings two varieties of the MG3 and can be used to replace those machine guns in many various model kits as those styrene items usually lack many detail and are quite simplified.

Item #P35008 is available now from Special Hobby - Price: 7.00 Euros

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