This is a simple walkaround focusing on the Wrecker Crane and Accessories of the 5-Ton 6 X 6 Medium Wrecker Truck M62/G744, as she appeared in December, 2021.

Medium Wrecker Truck M62 Wrecker Crane and Accessories

This M62 is on display at the 45th Infantry Division Museum in Oklahoma City.  I suspect the basic truck is well known so I focused on the wrecker boom and operator station.

All of you know more about the M62 and proper DoD terminology than I do so please correct any errors.  I used TM 9-8029-3 Maintenance for Wrecker Crane and Accessories M62/G744 5 Ton Wrecker, and 5-Ton 6 X 6 Medium Wrecker Truck M62 for guidance.



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