The old MaxxPro book was the first title I reviewed from the Wings & Wheels Publications back in 2013. The company now offers a 2nd extended issue of the book featuring additional photos of Dash and Dash DXM vehicle variants.


I still remember looking for references on MaxxPro in order to add that extra detail to my model build. Wings & Wheel Publications had a very interesting title in their portfolio and, although I didn’t have a clue what to expect, I decided to bite the bullet and order the book… and what an impressive reference photo book it was! Since then I slowly added more and more WWP titles to my modeling library, resulting in quite a collection:

Back in the 2013, when the first edition of the MaxxPro MRAP in Detail (G032) was published, Legend Production full resin kit in 1/35 scale was the only game in town. Since then, MaxxPro and its variants have been offered in plastic in various scales and by various manufacturers. As the demand increased and the first MaxxPro publication sold out, WWP decided to publish a 2nd extended issue, adding more photo content dealing with MaxxPro Dash / Dash DXM variants of the vehicle. And here it is: MaxxPro MRAP in Detail (G063).


The MaxxProMRAP in Detail (G063) is a photo reference book from WWP aimed at modelers and vehicle enthusiasts. Here is the basic info on the book:

  • Title: MaxxPro MRAP in Detail – MaxxPro, Dash and Dash DXM

  • Publisher: Wings & Wheels Publications (WWP)

  • Code: G063

  • Authors: Ralph Zwilling, Radim Jankásek & al.

  • Format: softcover (22x24 cm)

  • Pages: 108 

  • Color: full color

  • Language: English

  • ISBN: 978-80-87509-71-5

  • Retail Price: $37 (€29)

Flipping through the book made me remember why I fell in love with WWP books… printed on high-quality paper and full of superb images showing the vehicle inside and out in amazing detail, the book is a joy to go through. Every detail catches my eye: the attractive layout of the pages, easy-to-follow chapters, a ton of beautiful images, as well as the captions, which deliver important info on the photos. 

The book comprises of 108 pages with over 260 high-resolution images of vehicles photographed in Afghanistan, as well as on military training grounds. The book is organized in 16 chapters, color coded on page edges for easier navigation:

  • History and Development (002-007)

  • Training in Germany (008-009)

  • MaxxPro (010-017)

  • MaxxPro Walkaround (018-033)

  • Weapon Station (034-039)

  • MaxxPro Engine Details (040-041)

  • MaxxPro Suspension (042-047)

  • MaxxPro Interior (048-057)

  • MaxxPro Plus Ambulance (058-061)

  • MaxxPro Dash (062-063)

  • MaxxPro Dash DXM (064-081)

  • Dash DXM Interior (082-089)

  • Korean Dash DXM (090-099)

  • Singapore Dash (100-103)

  • MaxxPro Dash MRV Wrecker (104-107)

  • MaxxPro Wrecks (108)

As with all WWP titles, the book opens with History and Development, a chapter which briefly outlines the origins of the MaxxPro family of vehicles. Next two pages show the vehicle during Training in Germany, while all the other images show MaxxPro vehicles deployed in Afghanistan as a part of ISAF contingent. Interestingly, several pages of this chapter are dedicated to Czech Army vehicle nicknamed “Carmen”, included in the decal sheet of the Bronco 1/35 scale kit. MaxxPro Walkaround chapter goes deep into vehicle exterior details, showing the hood, front bumper and winch, fenders and TFSS, cabin and roof details. The Weapon Station is tackled next, with extensive coverage of O-GPK turret. Maxx Force D8.7I6 engine is displayed on two pages of MaxxPro Engine Details, while the MaxxPro Suspension deals with suspension/axle details. A very interesting chapter on MaxxPro Interior follows, with 10 pages of front interior details, C4ISR rack and troop compartment details. MaxxPro Plus Ambulance shows the Plus version of the vehicle, easily identifiable by the double set of tires on the rear axle and the additional armor on both sides of the vehicle. MaxxPro Dash is the next version covered in the book, as well as MaxxPro Dash DXM, more mobile variants with a more powerful engine and a new suspension. The chapter delivers specific differences between early MaxxPro and Dash DXM variant, the armored front grill, the coil spring suspension. QinetiQ RPG net is covered in detail, while the SPARKSII mine rollers and M153 CROWSII are just briefly shown. MaxxPro Dash DXM Interior covers the extensive interior differences to the original MaxxPro. The chapter on Korean Dash DXM shows the vehicles provided for Korean ISAF contingent, painted in US MERDC camouflage, while the Singapore Dash shows the variant equipped with special electronic warfare systems, Australian EOS R-600 RWS and smoke grenade launchers on the roof sides. MaxxPro Dash Wrecker chapter briefly covers this peculiar utility variant, while the last page of the book shows several MaxxPro Wrecks, illustrating superior protection provided by the MRAP construction.

The prime reason modelers buy reference books are the photos. For me, it is to get the general “feel” of the vehicle in the theater of operations, the stowage and all the stuff crammed up in the interior… but it is also about spotting the specific vehicle details plastic manufacturers have simplified or completely missed in their kits. This book provides substantial help in both segments.

The images are large and clear, covering all the tiniest details of the MaxxPro and its variants, and I really can't imagine anyone (including the die-hard rivet counters like me) needing any additional references for modeling the super-accurate MaxxPro MRAP. I particularly like the fact the vehicle is photographed deployed in the theater, so these are not military museum exponents, but the vehicles in which the crew actually lives in… I believe this provides a great value for modelers. Additionally, the information supplied on the MaxxPro and its variants is kept short and concise; the intro gives interesting details on the origins of the vehicle, while the brief captions provide a very informative read, explaining various details presented in the photos. 


MaxxPro MRAP in Detail (G063) from WWP is an amazing reference book covering MaxxPro family of vehicles in great detail. The book feels professional in every aspect, from the high-quality paper and clear presentation to the incredible amount of large full color photos. Although primarily a photo book, it also contains interesting info on the vehicle.

Super highly recommended.



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