ARTITEC continues to expand their range of 1:87/HO vehicle kits with this multi-media M19 DIAMOND T WITH TRAILER.

M19 Diamond T with trailer kit

The 45-ton Tank Transporter Truck-trailer M19 was a combination of two units, the 12-ton, 6 x 4 truck M20 and the 45-ton, 12-wheel trailer M9.  Artitec's multi-media M19 Diamond T with trailer kit is catalogued as Article number 1870166.  Factory-assembled models are available with different item numbers, one for each nationality:

·        British Army

·        Israel Defense Forces (IDF)

·        Koninklijke Landmacht (Netherlands)

·        Landmacht (Belgium)

·        US Army

This kit contains decals for vehicles serving with the previously mentioned armed forces.  You can view the model on Artitec's website: M19 Diamond T with trailer.

The M9 Tank Trailer was specifically designed for use with the Diamond T M20 Tractor. The combination of truck and trailer together had the nomenclature "Transporter, Tank,45-ton, M19". The trailer and its integrated dolly had twelve dual wheels (24 tires), weighed 20,150 lbs. and could carry 90,000 lbs. (45 tons). It was 30 feet long and 114 inches wide.*

During WW II the trailer was manufactured by Fruehauf, Checker Cab, and other producers. Although designed for tank recovery, transporter was also used for general cargo such as ammunition and fuel.*

The Kit

Sorry, I screwed up.  Most of the parts in my photos are painted because all of the in-box photos I took have vanished, except for the photo-etch fret.  The resin parts are buff.   The kit is comprised of 23 (13 for the M20) resin pieces and 17 photo-etch parts, a clear sheet of plastic, and large decal sheet.  Wheels count for 10 of the resin parts, which are:

12-ton, 6 x 4 truck M20

  • Cab canvas cover
  • Cargo box
  • Chassis and body
  • M2 .50 cal. machine gun
  • Single and dual wheels x 6
  • Winch
  • Cargo cluster
  • Front bumper hook

45-ton, 12-wheel (12dt) Trailer M9

  • Trailer
  • Tire carrier
  • Wheel set x 3
  • Drawbar (two provided)
  • Chock block x 2
  • Loading ramp X 2

The P/E fret holds:

  • Brake and transmission levers x 3
  • Steering wheel
  • Steering column
  • Side mirror
  • Trailer handbrake wheels x 2
  • Posts for M36 truck ring mount
  • M49 ring for machine gun
  • Eye for drawbar
  • Tow hook
  • Lashing rings x 2

Several extra wheels came in the box. 

Casting is high-quality with crisp shapes and edges and no bubble pocks, minimal excess material, and no sunken areas.  The only pieces attached to pour blocks are some wheels.


Surface detail is crisp and fine, with both recessed and bas-relief, as appropriate.  Some photo-etch parts sport bolt detail.  The undersides of the chassis and trailer are roughly replicated where you can not see, unless you turn them upside down.  Visible components like suspension springs are better defined.  The cab and hood features panels and louvers.  Headlights and fenders are cast onto the body.  A separate cargo box fits to the top of the rear chassis. A second canvas cab cover came with my kit, presumably spare.  Inside the cab are seats, an instrument console, and pedals.  Photo-etched parts include gear levers and a brake lever, which includes the safety latch. The steering wheel and column are separate parts, as is the driver side mirror.  The M49 machine gun ring is a single piece etched as an “8” which folds over itself to form the gun ring carriage track.  It is held aloft by three P/E posts.  Two are part of a plate which attaches to the rear of the cab, and the third is a part that includes a side mirror.  Those parts require some folding of protrusions to create brackets. Finally, a windshield frame with wipers, and tow hooks.

The fourteen wheels have good tread detail and very good rim detail.  Dual wheels are cast as one piece.

For the single-piece trailer a pair of draw bars are provided, as are a ramps and blocks.  All of the tandem axle and trunnion wheel assemblies are cast as part of the mainframe assembly except for a set under the front.  P/E for the trailer includes the handbrake wheels, drawbar eye and lift rings.

A .50-cal. crowns the cab and Artitec includes a cluster of crates and tarps and tires for the cargo box.

Instructions, Painting and Decals

Decals for five armies are provided.  They are crisply printed, opaque, with little clear film around the edges, and thin.

Instructions are printed on a small paper and guide assembly through several steps.  The line art illustrations are clear and not jumbled together.  To ease painting the interior I decided to be clever and deviated from the steps a bit, attaching the AA machine gun ring parts before the cab tarp.  That created a tricky situation for attaching the cab cover and windshield frame.  Fortunately, the AA mount is high enough for me to carefully slide the cab cover under, but it was tricky.

A paint guide is included for Humbrol and Revell brands.  Only a few colors are required.

How does it fit together?

With the exception of some of the wheels and some minor flash along the inside of the trailer frame, no clean up was necessary.  My eyes do not like some of the minuscule parts of this kit although I had no real difficulties attaching items.  Except the steering column – it gave me fits.  My flaw, not Artitec’s.

Artitec cast small dimples and slots for mounting pieces.  They align precisely.  I had to drill out one hole to mount the right-side P/E mirror/machine gun mount post.  Otherwise, parts are large enough to easily glue and attach.

When the decals are on and weathering applied, I'll post images here.


Artitec’s M19 Diamond T with trailer offers 1/87 military modelers a large softskin to display alone or work into a diorama.  Casting is high-quality and the photo-etch is more to-scale than anything replicated with resin or styrene.  Detail is high.  Assembly is straight forward.  I appreciate that the bunch of dual tandem wheels under the trailer are cast, simplifying assembly.  Five decal choices allow the modeler variety.

I am pleased with the buildability and appearance of this M19 and recommend it to modelers of heavy softskins, recovery vehicles, 1/87 modelers of the Second World War, the IDF, and civilian surplus vehicles.

Please remember to mention to Artitec and retailer that you saw this product here - on Armorama.


TM 9-768 45-ton Tank Transporter Truck-trailer M19, 25 October 1944

War Department.  TM9-1768C, Ordnance Maintenance: 45-ton, 12-wheel (12dt) Trailer M9, Component of 45-ton Tank Transporter Truck-trailer M19.  [Web.]  25 May 1945.

*  Trailer, Tank, 45 Ton, M9 (G159).  [Web.] 1 May 2013. 

Diamond T Vehicles 1940-1945.



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