Just as the new 1/35 scale M110 kit from AFV Club hits the shelves of our favorite modeling shops, Wings & Wheels Publications offers a perfect reference book for those interested in super-detailing their models… this review covers WWP’s M107/110 in Detail.


There are several 1/35 scale kits of M107/M110 on the market today, from the ancient Italeri/Revell/Tamiya offerings and their several iterations, to a brand new kit from AFV Club released in 2022.

At the time of writing this review, first AFV Club M110s are delivered to hobby shops, which means modelers will soon begin receiving their pre-ordered kits. As for the references, WWP just released a title covering the M107/M110 family of vehicles. Superb timing!


The M107/M110 in Detail (G067) is the latest book in WWP’s portfolio. The book is a 108-page softcover publication dealing with M107/M110 self-propelled howitzer and M578 recovery vehicle, featuring over 400 color photographs and technical drawings. Here are the basic facts:

  • Title: M107/110 in Detail – M107/110 SPH & M578 Recovery Vehicle

  • Publisher: Wings & Wheels Publications (WWP)

  • Code: G067

  • Authors: Jan Horák & František Kořán

  • Format: softcover (22x24 cm)

  • Pages: 108

  • Color: full color

  • Language: English

  • ISBN: 978-80-87509-87-6

  • Retail Price: $40 (€32)

The book is divided into 12 chapters:

·        Introduction (002-003)

·        M107 (004-007)

·        International M110A2 (008-025)

·        M110A2 Exterior (026-041)

·        Engine Compartment (042-047)

·        Gearbox Compartment (048-049)

·        Driver’s Compartment (050-051)

·        Gun Details (052-063)

·        German M110A2 SF (064-077)

·        US Army M110A3 (078-081)

·        M578 ARV Exterior (082-101)

·        M578 ARV Interior (102-107)

The book starts with a short Introduction, which provides information on the history and development of the M107/M110 self-propelled artillery system. The following 4 pages very briefly cover the M107, showing the 175mm howitzer in US and IDF service, while the vast majority of the book is dedicated to M110, particularly to its modernized version designated as M110A2. The next chapter gives an overview of the International M110A2, showing Belgian, Greek, Japanese, Spanish, Taiwanese and Dutch vehicles. The photos in this chapter mostly display the entire vehicle, concentrating on color schemes and general layout of the subject, not going into much detail. The more detailed look of the vehicle starts with the M110A2 Exterior, a chapter offering 16 pages packed with photos of the hull, suspension, spade blade and ammo loader details… the excellent close-up images are bound to make even the most demanding modelers very happy! Next up are the Engine Compartment, showing the engine hatches and Detroit Diesel GMC 8V71T engine in detail, the Gearbox Compartment, with Allison XTG-411-2A transmission, and Driver’s Compartment interior. AFV Club kit seems to have basic driver’s compartment included, so these photos might come in handy for those wishing to add extra detail to it. A significant portion of the book is dedicated to Gun Details, showing the gun cradle, aiming devices, gun breech and barrel details, for a very comprehensive coverage of the 203mm gun, and again, a superb reference for modelers. The German M110A2 SF chapter shows the Bundeswehr modification, which includes light armored side plates and new mounts which enable the mounting of rubberized canvas roof. A slightly different driver’s compartment is shown as well. A short chapter depicts US Army M110A3, presenting the characteristic features of the A3 vehicle variant. Finally, two chapters cover the armored recovery variant, the M578 ARV. The first chapter deals with the M578 ARV Exterior, spanning on 20 pages and displaying the vehicle walk around. The turret tower and crane arm are shown in detail, as well as several characteristic hull differences to the M107/M110. M578 ARV Interior comes next, with details of the tower interior. As far as I know, there are two conversions for building M578 ARV in 1/35 scale, Verlinden and Perfect Scale Modelbau. These are both resin conversions, PSM including turret interior parts as well. Who knows, perhaps we’ll soon see a plastic M578 from AFV Club?


I’m very much impressed with M107/110 in Detail from WWP. Printed on high-quality paper and with tons of images, this publication is dedicated almost exclusively to M110, showing the subject (exterior and interior) in great detail. The photos are a combination of full vehicle images and detail close-ups, with the captions brief but very informative.

Altogether, I would highly recommend this book as a superb photo reference title for modelers and vehicle enthusiasts alike.



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