Engin Kayral brings a built-review of one of the latest releases of BRAVO*6 - 35338 LRPP (1).

Introduction :

BRAVO*6 released a few SEAL and MACV-SOG figures before, finally Vladimir Demchenko started  to sculpt figures for another legendary special unit LRRP - Long Range Reconnaissance Patrol. 

B6-35338 LRRP (1) includes two heavily loaded  teammates, one helping other to go uphill.

Review :

As always, kit comes in standard cardboard of the company labeled with a photo of the painted figures. Figures bodies and other small parts are seperately inserted zip-lock bags and lumped together into a larger bag. 

Sculpting and casting quality is very nice on the figures with clean and crisp details. Not much need for a detailed cleanwork, but a vertical seamline on the right side of Figure-A should be cleaned. 

Parts can be easily removed from casting blocks, but please note that fragile parts like barrels may need extra care.

Cast in grey resin, Figure-A comes in 12 parts and B in 11 parts.

Figure-A :

* Body ; He wears a Tiger Stripe Camouflage Uniform of button-front jacket with two chest pockets with flap covers but no waist pockets, trousers with two rear, two cargo pockets on both sides -all with flap covers and leather/canvas jungle boots. Tiger Stripe was never an official US issue item. It was developed for close-range use in dense jungle during jungle warfare by the South Vietnamese Armed Forces and adopted by US Special Forces during the Vietnam War. It features narrow stripes that look like brush-strokes of green and brown, and broader brush-strokes of black printed over a lighter shade of olive or khaki. The brush-strokes interlock rather than overlap.

Over his uniform, he has H-harness and carries a  lightweight tropical rucksack.  M16 ammo pouchs and  one quart canteens on both sides are cast on the figure.

* Head with boonie hat and sweat towel on neck

* Right arm

* Left arm

* Right hand with M16A1 rifle

* One quart canteen in canvas cover - 2 pieces

* Two quart canteen in canvas cover

* H250/U or H189/GR Handset for AN/PRC-25. A cable from handset to rucksack should be made from copper wire.

* KABAR knife

* Canister/ Beer can type Grenade - 2 pieces ; they can be painted as M18Smoke, M7 Riot or Incen TH as in this photo.

Figure-B :

* Body ; He wears tropical jungle jacket with two chest and two lower bellows pockets - all with flap covers, jungle trousers with two rear and two bellows cargo pockets on both sides and Vibram jungle boots. Uniform shows Lime Green dominant/Lowland ERDL camo pattern. ERDL , also known as the Leaf pattern is developed by the United States Army at its Engineer Research& Development Laboratories in 1948. It was not used until the Vietnam War, when it was issued to elite reconnaissance and special operations units beginning early 1967. The pattern consists of four colors printed in an interlocking pattern, consisting of large organic shapes in olive green and brown, black branches and light green leaf highlights. 

Over his uniform, he has H-harness with  M16 ammo pouchs and canteens cast on both sides and M16 ammo bandolier on the right. He carries a  lightweight tropical rucksack with three large external pouches. 

* Head with beret

* Right arm

* Left arm

* Left hand carrying M16 with HEL suppressor

* One quart canteen in canvas cover - 2 pieces

* Two quart canteen in canvas cover

* Special Forces Survival knife

* First aid/compass pouch

* Binocular case

Conclusion :

As  I opened this kit to take a quick look , I felt to built it immediately because the poses of figures, clean sculpting and flawless cast were really perfect. It didn't take too long to assembly them as there was not much need for a serious cleanwork and parts fit very well. 

Body proportions, pose balance for climbing figures, cloth folds , wrinkles and details cast on uniform, facial features, details on the field gear and weapons are very well defined. 

I wish the second kit of the LRRP series will be released very soon.

Congratulations to Vladi for such a great kit and thanks for the review sample.



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