Built review of second two-figure kit of BRAVO*6 Vietnam War Long Range Reconnaissance Patrol - LRRP series.

Introduction :

After the first LRRP(1) kit depicting two teammates climbing a hill, new kit B6-35339 LRRP(2) includes two figures posed to provide security over the hill.

One of the figures is posed kneeling and checking  forward. The other sits on the ground and looks upwards like checking trees for enemies or looking for an helicopter to meet on LZ.

Review :

Kit is served in standard BRAVO*6 cardboard box labeled with a photo of the figures painted by Vladimir Demchenko, also the sculptor. Parts come in grey resin  with casting blocks -removed for the review and are secured in seperate small transparent bags. Resin quality is good and casting is very clean and sharp. They will be ready to paint as removed from sprues with no need for a serious cleanwork.

Figure - A :

Posed to kneel; it comes in 11 parts. 

*  Body with left arm

* Head with boonie hat

* Right arm with M16A1 rifle, left hand is cast on the handguard

* 3 pouch light weight tropical rucksack with metal frame

* Ammo pouches - 2 pieces

* One quart canteen in canvas cover - 2 pieces

* First aid pouch

* Pilot Survival knife commonly used by all U.S.Special units

* SDU-5/E Distress Signal Marker Strobe Light. It emits a high-intensity flashing light visible from long distances and is used to give a landing signal to an helicopter or airplane.

Figure - B :

Posed to sit on the ground; it comes in 8 parts. 

*  Body with light weight rucksack

* Head with boonie hat

* Right arm with M16A1 rifle, left hand is cast on the handguard

* Left arm

* One quart canteen in canvas cover 

* Pilot Survival knife 

* M34 White Phosphorous -Willie Pete- Smoke/Incendiary Grenade

* Serum Albumin/Plasma expander

They both wear  Tiger Stripe Camouflage Uniform of button-front jacket with two chest pockets with flap covers but no waist pockets, trousers with two rear, two cargo pockets on both sides -all with flap covers, wide brim boonie hats with same camo pattern  and leather/canvas jungle boots. Tiger Stripe was never an official US issue item. It was developed for close-range use in dense jungle during jungle warfare by the South Vietnamese Armed Forces and adopted by US Special Forces during the Vietnam War. It features narrow stripes that look like brush-strokes of green and brown, and broader brush-strokes of black printed over a lighter shade of olive or khaki. The brush-strokes interlock rather than overlap.

Over the uniforms, they have H-harness and carry 3 pouches tropical rucksacks with metal frames. Rucksack is given as a seperate part for Figure-A and a XM28E4 gas mask case is cast on the top. Two M16 ammo pouches, 2 canteens and first aid pouch will be assembled to the hollowed parts on the rucksack as in reference photos. 

Conclusion :

Once again, Vladi sculpted two nice posed figures to accompany the first LRRP kit. The casting is flawless and I did no cleaning other than sanding the parts seperated from sprues. 

Clothing details, facial features, field gear cast on figures and seperate parts and weapons are all well defined. 

I liked to see rare pieces on the figures like blood expander, strobe light and WP grenade. 

This is another highly recommended kit for Vietnam War jungle scenes.

Thanks to BRAVO*6 for the review sample. For more information and photos of all products of the company ; please visit BRAVO*6 . 



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