Here we get a look at the LKW 10t Mil GL from HobbyBoss in 1/35th scale.


HobbyBoss as a company has come a long way from their early days, and are now a powerhouse when it comes to the sheer number of products they release onto the market, with at least 5 or 6 new products hitting the market every month. Here we get to look at a MAN 10 tonne truck with a hydraulic arm which I can only presume must be used for loading and unloading the truck, but for which I can find NO visual reference.


This offering from HobbyBoss arrives in a substantial cardboard tray, with a segregated area to protect some elements and substantial cardboard lid which should ensure that the product reaches you as intended. Inside the sprues are individually bagged, with some of the finer elements being further protected by a foam wrap. 

The chassis in this release is a substantial length and is a multi part assembly. This has enabled a high level of surface detail to be imparted but as there are no substantial cross members, ensuring that the chassis rails are assembled squarely, I highly recommend that set squares are utilised, as the line on the cutting mat method would be pushed to eyeball for accuracy. With that concern out of the way, the detail on the chassis of the model is really rather pleasing. The suspension and drives on this model are visually appealing, with a surprising level of detail being built into them with my only complaint being the inability to show the front wheels turned. Looking at the wheels of the model, hub detail is good but many will be disappointed by the inclusion of vinyl rubber tyres. However, just as a defence of them the detail on the vinyl rubber is very good. Also well replicated are the hydraulic arms that prevent the vehicle from tipping over, when loading and unloading, you can show these deployed or retracted. 

The cab of the model looks to have been well catered to with my only real concern here are that the seats have that new look to them, that I am not a fan of. The engine and transmission is not included as part of the model, with a plastic part just representing the lower aspects of these elements. The doors of the cab could be shown in an open position, and door furniture on the interior is made up using separate parts that will make for pleasing detail if the doors are open. The defensive gunnery position on the roof has a cover that can be shown open or closed. The guard rails have been well replicated and the MG and defensive shielded position are also rather pleasing. On the exterior of the cab, the armour plates are added as additional elements and covers up the really rather nicely replicated MAN emblem on the front of the vehicle. The glass on the vehicle is I would believe ballistic glass, and so would have a green tint to it. 

The bed of the truck is a single large moulding, with separate side rails and posts which I believe while not indicated would enable you to show elements of the side rail system not in place. The support beams under the bed have a nice level of detail provided and items such as mud guards and stowage boxes are present. The hydraulic lifting mechanism has a moveable arm both in terms of elevation and rotation, and a brass cable is provided in the box to represent the crane lifting function of the arm. At the rear of the arm is a seat for the operator to use, which places them in line with the arm. The operating levers for the arm are well represented. HobbyBoss has provided a single finishing option for this release depicting a vehicle in service with the Bundeswehr using the 3 colour camouflage pattern.


This offering from HobbyBoss makes for a substantial sized release of a 10 MAN truck in military service, but I cannot find any visual reference for a bed mounted crane on such a vehicle. Although I did find some in civilian use, such as you would get for deliveries to building sites etc. The contents look to have good levels of detail and free of obvious moulding defects. The result will be a descent sized models in this scale with some pleasing detail on view.



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