A new book series about how to use LifeColor products.

Stelios Demiras of MrBlack Publications collaborated with  Alessandro Balbo and Rolando Lezzi  of Astromodel-Italy and also the producers of Lifecolor to start a new series of books on using LifeColor acrylic paints and products on painting, weathering and finishing scale models.

The book is in A4 format and 36 pages. It includes 3 articles ;

- WWII Soviet Army Female Sniper by Christos Katselos

- Painting 1/35 Scale WW II German Figures Using Airbrush and Brush in Only 2½ Hours by MrBlack Studio

- Rat-look  Volkswagen Golf GTI by Martin Hughes

Each article shows a full list of the LifeColor colour paints that were used for the painting and weathering process.



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