Here we take a look at the Laffly V15T WW2 French Artillery Towing Vehicle release from ICM in 1/35th scale.


This introduction is as provided by ICM: 

The Laffly V15T four-wheel drive vehicle was created by Laffly as a light artillery tractor for French motorized infantry units. Its main purpose was to tow the Hotchkis 25mm anti-tank gun. Like other Laffly developments, the car was equipped with an unusual chassis – it had small auxiliary wheels in the nose and under the centre of the body. These wheels were intended to improve the tractor’s cross-country ability on the battlefield.

Laffly has produced only 100 vehicles. Further, its production was carried out by the company La Licorne, which produced this tractor at the automobile plant in Courbevoie.

In addition to the French army, the Laffly V15T was actively used by parts of the Wehrmacht, who used it both for transporting personnel and as radio communication vehicles.


This offering from ICM arrives in a cardboard flip top box, with a card lid depicting the artwork. Inside there is a re-sealable plastic bag containing all of the parts from the for the Laffly. The instruction booklet is loose inside the box, and contains a small decal sheet between the pages. An examination of the sprues reveals no major issues beyond some ejector pins marks that will need to be addressed. Access to the parts is good, as long as care is taken during removal no other issues should be encountered. 

The chassis of this offering is an issue in my books; it is for the most part a single moulding, but shows a sizeable chunk that can be removed as an option. A check of the finishing options does not show an option for a finish without this towing assembly in place. This is the first time I can remember coming across something from ICM that I am at a total loss to explain, especially so as the instructions then continue showing and adding parts to the part that can be removed.

With that out of the way there are a number of cross sections added to the chassis frame that will provide you a well detailed area of the model that will only be seen if inverted or used to depict a heavily destroyed vehicle. The wishbones have been moulded in two halves which means good detail and no ejector pin marks, the downside is a mating joint that will be hard to do any remedial work on if needed. The leaf spring suspension is an interesting area of the model as it looks as if someone cut the element in half and just looks odd. 

The front end has coil spring suspension with each spring being a solid moulding; those that wish could wrap wire round a suitable cylinder to create their own springs and improve the look of this area with reasonable ease if desired. The front wheels are designed to be forward facing only, but looking at the parts I believe it would be reasonably easy to show the wheels turned. The small wheels are moulded plastic with the main wheels having vinyl rubber tyres that will upset some modellers; I also feel the tread pattern is a little soft but you may know better.

ICM has provided a very nicely detailed engine, gearbox, radiator and water piping, While this could be dressed up further with cabling to give it the eye catching detail, I cannot help feeling that this model would not have the right look with an open bonnet and the bonnet should have been made in five pieces not two for showing it open. That said there is a good level of detail there for those that need it.

The floor and body of the vehicle is made up of detailed flat parts for the most part. This did cause me some concern initially but there are cross members present that will brace and help ensure correct alignment of the model parts. The seats are a very basic aspect of the vehicle and the model offering looks akin to the front seats of the Jeep, but despite being an open top vehicle I have not been able to find a good image of this area. The storage bins around the interior of the vehicle would be for ammunition stowage as it was intended as an artillery tractor. A folded canvas cover is included and so expect one with a raised soft top soon.

Two finishing options are provided for this release which are:

Light Mechanized Brigade, Anti-Tank Squadron (Presumed), France, early 1940

Laffly V15T, France, Summer 1940

A dedicated ICM paint set has been released for this model that contains the following:

US Dark Green

Pale Sound

Hull Red

Rubber Black

Gun Metal

Matt Varnish

These are provided in 12ml pots and boxed together.


ICM does a very good job of tackling soft skinned vehicles, but with two repetitive weaknesses, these are the inability to show the front wheels turned and not taking the time to enable the modeller to easily show the superb detail hidden within the engine bay of the model. This release is an odd offering due to the large chunk of the rear chassis that is indicated with the option to remove and not explained as to why or covered in the finishing options. That said this is one of those odd vehicles that it is pleasing to see as an affordable injection moulded plastic offering.



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