Here we take a look at a 1/72nd scale release from Vespid Models in the form of a Jagdpanther G1 Late Production.


Vespid Models with their line of 1/72nd scale models has quickly gained itself the reputation for premium quality models. The contents in each release has so far included resin, photo etch, metal barrels, along with thoughtfully produced injection moulded parts, which with care can result in a 1/72nd scale model that unless seen in the flesh can easily be mistaken for a larger scale. The example of a Jagdpanther G1 late includes all of the elements listed here plus metal tow cables.


This offering from Vespid Models is provided in a cardboard tray, with a card lid. The package took some damage in the post, but the contents themselves are as intended by the manufacturer. Looking at the sprues which are packaged in pairs, the moulding quality of exceptionally good being crisp and clean. Due to Vespid Models releasing more than one type of each of their models, you will encounter a number of parts that are  not used, I even found a very nice injection moulded barrel for those who do not wish to tackle resin and metal elements. 

The lower hull of this model has all of the detail I would expect to find on one of its larger brothers. The suspension arms have been moulded separately, as have the wheels. The connections to the hull are half rounds, and so the vehicle will sit naturally on a level surface but by opening the holes in the hull you could show the vehicle on an uneven surface. The wheels themselves are again provided individually, and again include exquisite detail which is easily the equal of larger scales. The drive and idler wheels are made of two and three parts respectively along with the wheels themselves gives your lower hull a very attractive appearance. The tracks for this release are provided on link and length format, and I was expecting to find problems with ejector pin marks. I initially found none, and part B5, and literally  wipe with a sandpaper sheet will remove these. Being link and length will mean the modeller wishing to show their kit on an uneven surface will need to do some work with heat to accommodate the track. I myself have no issues whatsoever with any aspects covered thus far. 

Moving to the upper hull, you will find you need to drill some holes and I am very pleased that Vespid not only provide the location for the holes, but also list the size of the required drill. The gun mount hidden away within the hull does allow the main gun when fitted to be elevated and depressed. The rear of the hull again requires some holes to be drilled, and all of the previous observations still apply. The main gun has an option of a nicely turned aluminium barrel, with a 3D printed muzzle brake. The upper and lower hull fit together very well, and are supplied in this method in a bag with such a good fit I thought initially it was a single moulding. 

The roof of the crew compartment is a separate part, and allows the modeller to choose one of two roofs and the hatches could be shown open, due to the way in which they are provided. Even the sighting periscope is provided separately, which gives you some idea of the level of detail. Moving to the engine deck, photo etch grilles are provided for the vents. The miniscule track guards have been provided with Schürzen hangers, even thou there are no Schürzen plates. It should be noted, that the bracketry means bending 12 miniscule photo etch elements in three vanes, which is beyond me and my eyesight. The tools mounted on the vehicle are provided separately, as is the container for the barrel cleaning rods. Spare track links have been provided for the rear hangers. The number of small photo etch parts that need to be added to the rear portion of the model will test the patience of a saint - not because they are bad, but because they are so good at lifting the model to an exceptionally high standard. The stowage bins on the rear of the model have been provided with photo etched lids, and so the modeller who feels the need, could cut away the area where these are fixed and show the bins open if desired. It should also be noted, that two designs of storage bins have been provided - The one I am familiar with showing the crossed indentation re-enforcement and the other showing a number of vertical lines, that I am unaware of.

Vespid models has provided two finishing options for this release, and you need to make a decision almost at the very start as to which vehicle you wish to represent. As both options involve slightly different assembly options. The vehicles that can be finished straight from the box are:

Pz.Rgt.9, 25 Pz.Div, 144, Czech, March 1945

S. PZ.Jg.Abt. 655, 233, February 1945


A truly stunning model in miniature. I really wish that my hands were steady enough and my eyes good enough to tackle a kit of this nature, as I believe and as I have seen these releases generally from Vespid Models can be built up into exceptionally detailed vehicles, and being in 1/72nd it enables the modeller to have a large number of museum quality finished models, without taking up large amounts of space, Which I feel is very important especially in the UK where space is at a premium



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