Good day to everyone, take a look at paint schemes for June new item!🙂

Marder I on FCM 36 base, WWII German Anti-Tank Self-Propelled Gun

Marking options:

1. 931st assault gun division, 2nd battery, France, 1943

931-й дивизион штурмовых орудий, 2-я батарея, Франция, 1943 г.

2. Training camp of the mobile brigade "West", summer 1943

Учебный лагерь подвижной бригады «West», лето 1943 г.

3. Mobile brigade "West", second battery, maneuvers, spring 1943

Подвижная бригада «West», вторая батарея, маневры, весна 1943 г.



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