Scale Modelling Manuel Volume 2 is a great reference for painting modern ACU camouflage and Pilot gear.

Second book of Scale Modelling Manuel series is another useful book from Mr Black Publications. In this book, Ernesto Reyes Stalhuth explains how he paints Airborne Miniatures 1/9 scale bust U.S. Army Helicopter Crewman wearing ACU camouflage uniform. 

Book is in A4 format and 24 pages. It includes 3 chapters;

- How to Paint an ACU Modern Camouflage Uniform and Equipment in Exquisite Detail Using Paintbrush & Airbrush

- Painted Color Chips used on painting this figure

- How to Use the Airbrush on Big Scales Figures and Busts

Common Problems and How to Solve Them

It has 55 color photos in numbers as a step in by step article for painting face, helmet, face mask, piot gear and ACU uniform. 5 photos for the painted bust.



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