MrBlack Publications released the 2nd book of How to Guide series.

The second book of How to Guide Series and 56th book of MrBlack Publications is about painting World War II. As many books of the company, the book is in A4 format with a laminated cover and includes 68 pages. With more than 200 photos and 150 of them are step-by-step, this is another great reference for modelers.

The book includes articles by master artists ; Andy Gulden, Lieven Terryn, Toshihiro Sano, Christos Katselos, Roberto Del Cima and Theodosis Giannakidis. They all share their knowledge, experience and secrets on how to create and paint high quality WW2 dioramas, vignettes and figures. 

Chapters are;

 - Endkampf, 1945 - Building and Painting a Late War Panzer IV as a Centre Piece for a compact diorama – 50mm (1/35)

- Sturmmann of Kampfgruppe Hansen at Poteau 18th December 1944 - Painting a 1/35 Standard Figure in Oil Colours – 50mm (1/35)

- Waffen SS Grenadiers of 5 SS Panzer Division Under fire InPoland 1944 - Painting German World War Two Camouflage Clothing Patterns and Equipment Using Enamels – 50mm (1/35)

- World War Two Red Army Female Sniper - How to Paint a Large Scale Bust of a Russian Female Sniper using a variety of Acrylics Paints, an airbrush and brushes– 180mm (1/10)

- Ready to Start Firing - Eastern Front 1943 - Building a diorama featuring a Nebelwerfer Rocket Launcher and a Classic set of Dragon Plastic Figures with Alpine Miniatures’ Heads – 50mm (1/35)

- Ammo Carrier 12 SS Panzer Division Hitlerjugend  HJ - How to Paint WWII German Camouflage Uniforms in Detail- The “Italian Camouflage Pattern” – 120mm (1/16)   

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