This is my first serious diorama made around 1997. It was named in a contest on the long defunct Although photos of this dio have been published on and off over the years I thought pulling it out of the archives and running it as a feature may interest folks who may have seen it in the past and folks new to the site who have never seen it.

Herr Murphy's Law

As stated before, the diorama was built in 1997 using the techniques of the day. This was my first venture in using paraffin wax as ice(                 The figures are a conglomeration of Dragon, Tamiya and others with Hornet heads used where needed. The Panther is  Dragon, I forget exactly which kit. All is in 1:35 scale.   I got the idea for this dio from a photo I saw in a Sturm & Drang magazine depicting a Panther that had broken through an engineer bridge. In the photo the tank was being towed out of this position by another panzer but the photo scene was too large for me to put onto a diorama base. 

Anyway, to those who remember this one and those who are seeing it for the first time, I hope you enjoy the photos...



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