World War II Soviet Officers posed to start an infantry attack towards enemy.

Introduction :

BRAVO*6 released a new 2-figure kit B6-35149 The Green Flare depicting World War II Red Army Officers posed to start an attack.

Kit includes two 1/35 scale resin cast officers; Figure-A  holding his flare gun to signal troops and B checking his wristwatch for the attack hour.

Review :

Kit is served in standard BRAVO*6 cardboard box labeled with a photo of the figures painted by Vladimir Demchenko, also the sculptor. Parts come in grey resin  with casting blocks -removed for the review and are secured in seperate small transparent bags. Resin quality is good and casting is very clean and sharp. They will be ready to paint as removed from sprues with no need for a serious cleanwork.

Each figure comes in 6 parts ; Body, head, two arms, holster and mapcase.

Figure-A wears a leather jacket usually worn by tank crew. It has two rows of four buttons, two skirt pockets and two breast pockets. All pockets are slit type with flap covers. Uniform details like shoulder boards, collar tabs, buttons, pockets, Portupeya leather belt and its shoulder sling to hold the holster steady, mapcase strap crossed on shoulder, cloth folds and wrinkles are well defined. He has baggy Sharovari trousers and long leather boots.

Figure-B wears a knee length leather trench coat mostly worn by NKVD officers with wide collar, two rows of three buttons, shoulder boards and two side slit pockets with flap covers . Leather belt with star buckle, belt's shoulder sling and mapcase strap are cast on the figure. He has long leather boots.

Facial details, Red Army officer cap with visor and tanker goggles are nicely sculpted. I think due to a packing mistake, review sample had two of the same head. :))

Arms are given as seperate parts. Right hand of Figure-A has an OP-26 flare pistol and same hand of Figure-B has Komz BNU5 binoculars.

Both figure carry different type mapcases. Figure-A and Figure-B .

Both figure carry different type revolver holsters. Figure-A Tokarev and Figure-B Nagant .

Conclusion :

B6-35149 The Green Flare is a two figure kit sculpted in fine details and nicely cast that can be used in WW II Soviet dioramas and vignettes.

Thanks to Vladimir Demchenko for the review sample.

For more info and photos of all products of the company ; please visit BRAVO*6 . 



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