Here we look over a figure release from MiniArt titled 'German Tank Riders Ardennes 1944'.


This release from MiniArt is provided in one of their end opening cartons, which I really do not like due to the ease with which they are damaged. But, moving on, here you get 4 figures suitably attired in Winter uniform with a good mix of equipment and weaponry. The figures have well defined uniform detail with good creases present, but I am disappointed that a new figure release has quite large gates which in a number of cases obstruct the mating surfaces. For me there is also far more flash than I would expect to find on a new figure release. Some of the face detail is a little soft for what I have seen MiniArt manage of late, but as many replace heads with resin this may or may not be a problem. The equipment that is supplied is from their generic World War II German release, and these items do not have the issues of the figures. The weapons like wise are also from their generic releases and continue to please, as regards options and finish. The addition of slings for the weapons will need to be scratched or purchased for the set. With the complaints out of the way, any figures sets released as tank riders will be a popular offering that I suspect will disappear quickly off of the shelves of your local model shop.



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