Here we have an inbox look at the German Pz.Kpfw IV Ausf.F2 Medium Tank from HobbyBoss in 1/48th scale.

This release from HobbyBoss of a Panzer IV shows them dipping their toes into the 1/48th scale market again. This offering impressed me far more than the previous release I looked at. Surface detail is generally good throughout, the hatches are separate and so with some effort could be shown open. The wheels and suspension are all separate parts, and so will involve more effort on the part of the modeller. The tracks are link and length, which to my mind is a good compromise between individual track links and rubber band tracks. The only real issue you will encounter with this release is that the gates are a little on the large side and in a number of cases extend on to the mating surface. This will make removal and clean up a cause of a fair amount of swearing as you search for the part that just went ping across the room!! The only other complaint I can lay at the kits door, is that no specific finishing options are provided - just generalised choices.



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