Here we take an inbox look at the German PanzerJagerWagen Vol 1 in 1/72nd scale from HobbyBoss.

Armoured train elements do seem to have been favoured by German and Soviet forces during World War II. This includes both self-propelled and specific carriages. This release in 1/72nd scale from HobbyBoss is a very easy model to assemble, due to a limited part count. But even so I am generally pleased with what I see. The biggest fault I have found with this release appears to be common to a number of 1/72nd scale Panzer IV turreted models from HobbyBoss, in that the locator pin for the barrel positions the barrel 90 degrees out of alignment. I did consider drilling the mantlet, but instead just added extra glue and twisted until correctly positioned. The model itself is provided with 4 track lengths, with pretty fair detail for the scale. The model itself does not require 4 tracks lengths, but if you want to create your own train, just leave the end cap off one end and add as many track lengths as you require. During assembly of another model that uses the same wheel assembly, I found that getting the part to sit properly required a little bit of force and then some fettling to get the wheels alligned up properly. Lastly, this is an easy model to add some personal touches to such as grab handles, as what is provided is over scale and so an easy instant improvement. Generally though I am pleased with what is on offer.



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