Here we take an inbox look at the German Iguana PSB-2-14 (m) in 1/35th scale from HobbyBoss.

There can’t be many of us who would have thought that bridge layers would start to be manufactured by mainstream model providers. Well HobbyBoss have decided here they will release a bridge layer. The model is provided in a robust cardboard tray and lid, with the sprues in a high number of bags and foam used to protect certain aspects of the model, and in this case everything has arrived in good condition. Gate between the sprue and the parts are reasonably sized, but in some cases seem overly numerous. There is a small amount of photo etch and a copper twist cable. The copper twist cable in something I would want to change as a matter of course, as I feel that there are many superior options.

 If you take a look at the engine deck, you will note that there are anti-slip detail on the model and the engine air intakes have a reasonably moulded mesh detail. An area of concern for me are the vinyl rubber tracks, as they are very well replicated, have the requisite spacing detail and this concerns me as during the weathering process some of the chemicals used may attack the vinyl rubber and cause failure either at the time or in the future. Looking through the moulded detail as a whole most of the moulding is crisp except where not required. 

I suspect that many of you will be thinking about displaying this model with the bridging elements extended ready to ford a gap or river this may cause the model to be unbalanced and so you may wish to consider adding some lead to the rear of the lower hull. Looking at the model as provided the aspect that most impresses me is the anti-slip detailing especially on the bridge segments, and while I am no expert I believe this to be an accurate representation of the intended vehicle. 



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