Here we get a look at one of the latest diorama elements from MiniArt in 1/35th Scale a Fruit Cart


When it comes to diorama elements, there are a very wide selection of items available from MiniArt in 1/35th scale. One of the latest releases in this scale is a fruit cart, as would be seen going back in time to the 1960s and even longer in time.


This offering from MiniArt is provided in an end opening card carton, with the parts for the offering in a single plastic bag inside. The directions for assembly are on the rear of the carton. My only complaint at this point, is that this particular style of carton is easily crushed. 

The main element of this release, is the hand cart on which most of the other elements are displayed. This cart has a spring suspension, with wooden wheels, a flat wooden base and a blind over the top. The elements for the cart, have been exceedingly well moulded, with reasonable access for removal. The wheels themselves are particularly pleasing, as they are wooden wheels with spokes, and a metal band around the outside. So the wheel design that goes back into the dark ages. The roof has a good arched effect, with the cloth roof itself being well done. I think when assembled, the modeller will be very happy with the end result, but great care will be required during removal of the parts.

Twelve wooden cases are provided in this release, with separate bottoms and sides and a wood detail that should meet with approval. There eight items provided to directly go into these cases, and are identified as the following: red apples, lemons, peaches, green apples, oranges, kiwi fruit, pomegranate, pears. With careful painting and weathering, they should prove to be quite eye catching. Of the selection provided pomegranate are the only one to bother me, as they are not grown in Europe and I would imagine would be difficult to obtain during wartime. As well as the bolt items for placement in the wooden trays, some individual fruits that will allow each display to be unique, or even a figure passing one to another figure. The last elements in this release are two types of melon, which would appear to the water and honeydew, and these are provided cut in half, but designed in such a way that the two halves could be glued together, 20 hands of bananas are also provided, and can be stacked individually, or glued together to create larger hands.


This offering from MiniArt in 1/35th scale, is visually appealing and has a surprising number of display possibilities. The only possible negative I can come up with, is whether fruits such as pomegranate and bananas would be available during wartime, and if they were, would a fruit Cartier be able to afford them. 



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