MrBlack Publications announced a new series of free pdf. format painting guides.

Stelios Demiras of MrBlack Publications kindly informed us about the new series of the company. 

This is the first Volume of the Quick Painting Guides Series produced in PDF format. This is a complementary activity to our Main Printing Work Editions covering just one set or model with all necessary guidelines for assembly and painting. Each guide will include one Theme (probably with variations in painting) from all Modelling Fields. This is a project in collaboration with a lot of Well Known companies from the International Hobby Modelling Market!

Volume 1 Contents:

Eastern Front Series: German Infantry in Action 1941-1942

Master Box MB3522 1/35 Scale

Painted by Grigoris Marmatakis with Vallejo Acrylics Model Color & Panzer Aces. A second painted version is included also using more greenish hues for the Field Grey Uniforms!

You need to fill in your details so to send you a high resolution PDF file that can be printed if you wish to.

Or you can read it online on ISSUU following the link:

For more information and photos about other books ; please visit MrBlack Publications



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