Another vignette from the old Armorama photo features........

" For The Motherland"

This small vignette was built around the 'Custom Dioramics' statue which I believe was also titled For the Motherland.  I can't remember which figures were used but they look like Dragon. The heads were all replaced with Hornet heads. At the time I liked the idea of leaving the two of the heads bald.  My thinking being, with lice etc. most guys would shave or cut their hair very short. In retrospect, I probably should have attempted to 'shade' or depict  at least a hint of hair because that has been the  ongoing constructive criticism about this vignette I've received over the years. Perhaps one day I will revisit this and add some paint, weathering and debris.

Stating the obvious, the vignette depicts a small group of Red soldiers resting amongst the ruins.  

Again, to those who have seen this I hope you like seeing it again and to anyone who is seeing it for the first time I hope you enjoy it. 



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