Acrylic 6 colors paint set from Lifecolor with base colors, shadows and highlights.

Astromodel produces the widest range of modelling acrylic colour paints - LifeColor. They are available in small bottles or combo packs of six bottles. Each box focuses on an individual theme varying from fleshtones to metals or from NATO colors to German Uniform tones. Some of the sets includes pigments and paints. 

This set CS13 Flesh Paint comes in a rectangular flip top cardboard box with an attractive boxart. Boxart shows Pegaso Models 200 mm bust Celtic Chieftain painted by DiegoRuina with this set.

Inside the box, the bottles are well secured. It includes 6 translucent 22 ml. plastic screw top bottles.  Colors are planned for base tones, shadows and highlights. 

UA707 Flesh 2 Light

UA708 Flesh 1 Light

UA709 Flesh 1 Base

UA710 Flesh 2 Base

UA711 Flesh 1 Shadow

UA712 Flesh 2 Shadow

On the back side, instructions are explained in 4 languages and 6colors are shown as color chips.

I tried the colors on a wet palette for a BRAVO*6 figure. I thinned them with Vallejo Airbrush thinner, Humbrol acrylic thinner and pure water, all worked well. Base tones look a little thicker than the other tones but all of them are thin and cover very well.  I did not try but I think they can easily be used with airbrush without any problems. 

They dry fast but no problem on blending colors. I did not used a retarder.

 I usually paint figures for dioramas and vignettes more than individual display figures, I can say these paints worked well for me more than several brands I used before.  

Another review for this product by Frederick Boucher  can be read here .



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