Darren Baker takes a look at a 1/35th scale Field Toilet from ICM


Human being have three basic needs in life, first and second are food and water and the third is to get rid of the waste this creates. In the modern age, the use of the toilet is a private procedure. In the field most of us are familiar with being caught short and using a bush, tree or at worst the side of a car to save our blushes. An army in the field would also use trees, bushes and so on. However, when a more permanent location is found the latrines are one of the first things to be set up. The field toilet offered here by ICM is one solution to that problem.


This offering from ICM is provided in the usual manner, of a cardboard tray with flip top lid with an additional card lid with all the artwork on it. Inside there is a single sprue in a resealable plastic bag and a small instruction sheet covering construction. An examination of the sprue reveals no obvious issues, beyond some small ejector pin marks that will need to be addressed. There are some flow lines in the plastic mouldings, but these have caused no issues of note that I can detect.

This particular toilet/out house reminds me of the ones I would see as a child, at the end of the garden over a hole in the ground, and which were not used as plumbed in toilets were the norm. I seem to recall my grandfather keeping garden tools in it. The wooden structure has been well replicated in plastic form, with ICM remembering to include the bracing structures on the interior faces of the panels. This particular toilet must be for use by the Officers as even the floor is included. An examination of the instructions reveals that ICM has provided everything except for the scale flies as there is even a wooden latch for securing the door, to give you some privacy. 


This particular offering from ICM, is for me more akin to a house toilet at the end of the garden, or possibly a more permanent toilet on a base. However, most temporary toilets from this period were a more communal affair. With that said this release is an interesting piece, that will very likely catch the eye of anyone looking at a setting where it is present and probably raise a smile. This is one of those very unusual releases that ICM comes along with.



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