Detailed STL files for 3D printing from Fibelworks cover upgrades for large scale HobbyBoss Tiger I.

STL files for 3D printing available at Cults3D. Detail parts are designed in 1/16 scale

The following parts are specifically for the HobbyBoss Tiger I (82601) to allow for early or initial conversions, but many parts can or will work with upcoming 1/16 Tiger I release from AHQQ.  While more STLs will be released, the following are available from this month: 


  • Commanders Cupola
  • Loaders Hatch
  • Pistol Port
  • Gun Mantlet & Sleeve
  • Armored Fan Cover
Lower Rear Hull:

  • HL 210 Engine Muffler
  • Muffler Armored Exhaust Cover
  • Rear Mudguards
Stay tuned for future releases for the Tiger I and Panzer I Ausf. A (Takom 1008).



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