Here we get a look at the next release of the MiniArt Agricultural Tractor in 1/35th scale.


Despite Russia’s invasion of Ukraine a good number of model companies have been able to start production again - MiniArt is one such company, and I am sure they would appreciate your support. The model arrives in a single plastic bag, where the decals are floating around loose and so could easily be damaged and is one area where I will pick them up. The photo etch included is also inside the bag, but id protected by a card envelope and so should not be a concern. Packing all of the parts in a single bag with MiniArt’s releases becoming slowly but surely more refined means that in my opinion they need to start considering refining their packaging, but due to the war I will obviously overlook this problem. Access to the parts is good, but the finesse of some parts means that care will need to be taken during removal. Due to this model having been released several times in slightly different styles I will keep this review short.

The tractor itself has been released in various forms by MiniArt in 1/35th scale, with it being shown in both military and civilian use. Any Brazier did a build of one some time ago now on the site. I do not recall him having any complaints with regard to the tractor itself and other than the potential for some of the photo etch shaping proving difficult, it should be a reasonably straightforward build with the wheels being a particularly visually appealing aspect.

Included with this release is a simple wooden four wheeled cart, which I believe is the first time I have seen it. The bed and rear axle, has a nice level of detail to it and for those who want to do something out of the ordinary could be used as a pattern for making a full size wooden cart from looking at the parts. The front axle is on a pivot steering point this is simplified by a metal pin connecting the steering portion of the cart and two metal rings attached to opposite faces to given the axle something to steer on. I would also imagine this is a highly greased area of the cart and so you will have fun painting and weathering it. A wooden bench seat is at the front of the cart and I believe could be used separately from the tractor by attaching a horse harness to the front. 

Also included with this release are two figures, one of which is a female in working clothes performing a task where she in knelt down at the front of the vehicle performing an unknown task, but one that I believe relates to starting the tractor as the male figure included is turning the fly wheel in the process of starting, again this figure is also in work clothes and I am perfectly happy with the detail provided. 


This is another nice rendition of the Lanz Bulldog Tractor from MiniArt. I like what has been released this time and previously as it gives the modeller a chance to add something to an agricultural or industrial setting that provides something a little different, and you could also perhaps show the tractor towing away Gruber’s little tank!!



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