A review of Eureka XXL Metal Tiger Cables Set

Eureka XXL reference ER-3502 is a set of cables for the German Tiger I tank.

It comes on a semi-rigid plastic box a a cardboard background.

The set consists of on two thicker, towing, cables and a thinner one for changing tracks plus their eyelets.

The cables are made of twisted copper and have a very realistic, in scale, look. Towing cables are 23,50 cm long and 0,90 mm of diameter, according to the data I have read the real size of a Tiger cable was 32 mm of diameter and either 8 mt (early and mid types) or 8,20 mt long (late type), so the size is correct for a late Tiger and should be cut 0,57 cm for the rest.

 The track changing cable is 45,00 cm long and 0,48 mm of diameter, again with correct diameter but slightly longer.

The ends of the cables are perfectly cut, without being crushed or untwisted. They are flexible enough and mostly retain the shape given.

The eyelets are made of resin and come on a casting block in pairs. They are threaded on the cardboard to avoid movement for better protection.

The smaller ones are quite (and I mean quite!) fragile between the loop and the body so they should be handled carefully. They can be removed from the casting block with care and a sharp blade.

The bigger ones for the towing cables are better removed using a micro saw. Although thicker, they should be handled with care as well to avoid breaking them.

All eyelets are hollow at the base to insert the cable, which makes them easier to attach. I drilled a bit deeper the bigger ones for a more secure joint.

The eyelets have some flash on the inner loop, but it is not a big deal to remove it with the tip of a blade. On the other hand, the outside has a very delicate detail of the cable and comes absolutely clean.


This set of cables from Eureka XXL is a great replacement for the plastic ones, with correct size, much better looking and free from the impossible to remove seam often seen on moulded polystyrene cables. Additionally, they can be shaped at will and positioned on any place different from the usual holders.



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