The new and vastly revised second edition of Son of Sherman, now in two volumes, is already on preorder

A decade after the publication of the first volume, Pat Stansell raises the bar even higher, with this massive, two-volume 942 page book that considerably expands the depth and scope of knowledge concerning the M4 Sherman series in WWII. This book will surely be the “Gold Standard” reference on the Sherman for the next 35 years.

This publication consists of two bound volumes in a stiff slipcase. The 26 chapters comprising the two volumes are divided into three “books”. There are also four appendices, a four-page bibliography, two indexes (nine pages), and a glossary (also provided in bookmark form). Don’t be mislead into thinking that this publication contains three bound volume, nor should you believe that these two volumes are “follow on” to the prior edition.

While built around the 2013 edition 386-page book, this new work is, in fact different, considerably different. Only some of the photographs remains the same. The entire book has been rewritten, more or less from scratch. Some of the 2013 text was used as the nucleus for the new material, and a sentence-by-sentence search may yield some repetition. But, by and large, EVERYTHING has been revised and rewritten—including any original captions.

Very little of the 2013 drawing material remains. The bottom hull drawings are present but are now separate. All drawings are now complete four-view sets that include all parts of the vehicle.

The component chapters are closest to the 2013 book, but all material has been revised, expanded, and reorganized. For example, the original section on remanufacturing was ten pages, and it is now 34.

These are all new books, and while by necessity there is some duplication of content, the duplicated content is overwhelmed by the new, unpublished, or revised material.

There are two chapters on Pressed Steel Car, three on Fisher Tank Arsenal, and four on Chrysler Defense Arsenal. Many of the chapters are substantial and are small books in their own right. For example, the first chapter on PSC is 64 pages, and the total coverage of Chrysler Defense Arsenal is 149 pages.

There are 1,160 historical photos in the set and 440 color walk-around photos. There are 110 drawing sets and 77 other original drawings. There are ten historical drawings and 35 charts and graphs.

This is a VERY limited edition book, and like the 2013 book, is sure to sell out almost immediately.

It can be preordered at David Doyle website here



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