Custom Scale next complete resin in1: 35 is ready: 35111 German fast tractor Hanomag SS-20

In 1937, the ′′ Kleinzugwagen SS 20 ′′ was delivered at Hanomag to round off its road tractor program. He was approximate to the RL20 farm tractor, only because of the closed bodywork and the transmission translation the vehicles differ. The vehicle was used both civil and military, with 2400 of them sold.

In order to complete its mover vehicle program, the company Hanomag

decided to also offer the small vehicle SS-20 in 1937 which was based on

the farmers bulldog RL-20 and changed by addition of a closed cab.

Approximately 2400 vehicles have been sold until 1942 and used for civil as well as for military purposes.



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