A request from Creative Models concerning the situation in Ukraine and its people.


We are a UK company who has dealt with a number of Ukrainian suppliers for nearly 20 years and are appalled at the current situation in Ukraine.

We are in constant contact with one of our suppliers (who we regard as friends) and although they have managed to get to Warsaw (Poland) many of their staff and friends are still trapped in Ukraine. As you are aware the situation is becoming more desperate by the day and therefore urgent help is needed not only in Ukraine but on the borders.

Our friends have managed to get a warehouse in Warsaw and are travelling back and forth to the border each day (10 hours) with whatever supplies they manage to find locally to aid in the relief programme. However supplies are becoming impossible to find and they have asked for our help to provide anything we can.

They are in desperate need of medical supplies, blankets, baby products (nappies, formula) and food (snacks, tinned and dry foods) not only to support the refugees on the border but to pass on to Ukrainians going back across to support their country.

We have a warehouse available here in the UK and are organising a collection locally for food but we need funds to buy medic packs and blankets as well as other essential items. We will them ship everything directly from our warehouse to Warsaw and help to move them to the borders to be distributed. Everything will be handled by our staff to make sure that everything raised benefits the people of Ukraine.

All of these funds will be used directly for supplies and we will take care of storage and transport costs.

Whilst we know everyone has struggled over the last few years and costs of living are rising, this situation is more desperate than any of us have ever had to deal with. If everyone gives a little we can achieve a lot. For the price of a takeaway or a night at the pub we can make a huge difference to the suffering currently going on in Ukraine.

If you would prefer to donate items we are accepting donations of any of the following items (new only please) - medical supplies, blankets, baby products (nappies, formula) and food (snacks, tinned and dry foods)

These can be sent to: Creative Models Ltd, E3 & E4 Ronald House, Fenton Way, Chatteris, Cambs, PE166UP or dropped off between 8:30am and 5pm. Please mark you parcel with UKR-aid




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