Inspired by the movie - Danger Close based on a true story in Battle of Long Tan, BRAVO*6 started a series of figures depicting the soldiers of the RAR - Royal Australian Regiment.

First kit of the series was B6-35325 ; a scene from this movie showing an Australian soldier on knees firing his revolver against an attacking PAVN soldier with machete.

Second kit B6-35330 RAR Infantry (2) includes two soldiers firing and calling an airstrike on radio.

Kit is served in standard cardboard box of BRAVO*6 with a photo of the painted figures on the front side. Figure body parts and small parts of each figure are served in seperate transparent zip-lock bags and all lumped in a larger one. Well secured for possible damaged during transport, review samples had no damage.

Resin quality is good and casting has no mistakes, air bubbles or flash resin. There is no need for a serious cleanwork other than removing the casting blocks and sanding the junction areas. 

Figures are sculpted in 1/35 scale by Vladimir Demchenko and cast in grey resin. 

Figure-A comes in 13 pieces.

- Body 

- Head with Giggle Bush hat

- Left arm holding the Submachine gun

- Right arm holding the Submachine gun

- Owen SMG with hands

- Magazine of SMG

- One quart canteen - 2 pieces

- Bayonet in  scabbard

- Rope

- Metal Tubuler Frame for Lightweight Rucksack and Radio

- AN/PRC-25 Radio

- CW 503 Bag; Cotton duck bag used to carry accessories like handsets and antennas.

Figure-B comes in 7 pieces.

- Body 

- Head with Giggle Bush hat

- Left arm with H189/GR Handset

- Right arm with M16 rifle

- One quart canteen - 2 pieces

- Bayonet in  scabbard

Both figures wear jungle-green cotton uniform  of shirt with 2 breast pockets and shoulder straps, trousers with cargo pocket on left side and black leather boots. This uniform is mostly worn by the Australian and New Zealand soldiers during the Vietnam War and referred as Greens or JGs.   Cloth folds on uniforms, field gear cast on the uniforms like pistol belt, H-harness, Owen SMG ammo pouches on Figure-A, buttpack and M-16 ammo pouches on Figure-B are well defined. Details on the weapons, radio, rucksack and metal frame are clean and crisp.

Facial features, wide brim bonnie hat named as Giggle hat, aiming with one eye expression on Figure-A and radio talking expression one Figure-B are well represented. 

Parts make very good fit. I usually have problems when assemblying the arms of figures in firing  pose as Figure-A but this figure makes a very good fit. First I glued the right arm , then I placed the stock of Owen SMG to the shoulder and glued the right hand to the arm and finally I posed the left arm between and left hand on Owen and glued. Easy and satisfying work .

So good to see BRAVO*6 keeps to release new Vietnam War Aussie and Kiwi soldiers. 

B6-35330 RAR Infantry (2) Close Fight is a great addition to create a larger  Battle of Long Tan scene. Very nice poses for a radio contact, great sculpt and clean cast.  

Highly Recommended

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