Close on the release of vehicles from AK, they have released three new offerings with this set being a set of male children in 1/35th scale.


The products arrives in an end opening carton, which offers minimal protection due to the ease  of which it can be damaged. Inside is a re-sealable plastic bag containing three sprues. Moulding quality is good, with no obvious moulding issues. Good access for removal of parts, and small gates between parts and sprue. I also appreciate that AK has designed the sprue to protect the finesse of the fishing rod. 

This set offers six children below 10 years of age, performing various childlike activities. Looking at the clothing, I would suggest they are suitable from the 1970s onwards. Something that I particularly like is that the children represent a range of ages. You have 3 provided in shorts, 2 in long trousers and 1 in knee length cut offs. The activities being carried out are painting, most suitably a fence, fishing, bent over looking down into a pond, water or hole. 1 clutching a teddy, another reading a book and finally one blowing a trumpet. The detail on the figures looks good, with the proportions being well thought through. Hair styles have been kept basic to cover a broad period in history, and the clothing chosen is also suitable for multiple periods with the exception of the child looking over bending down, wearing a tank top that would not look out of place in the 1970s in the UK. Another part that I appreciate is the mix of standing and seated figures as it allows them to be utilised in different settings. The only figure I question is the youth blowing a trumpet, as it is not what I consider a child like activity.


The offering from AK, of children in 1/35th scale is another of those products that modellers who like their dioramas will find a real boost to have laying around. I suspect that modellers who are into their dioramas will seek out several sets of these to both mix and match and use as needed. I cannot really critique any of the product other than the questioning of the lad playing the trumpet.



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