Here we take a look at three of the heroes of the Chernobyl disaster from ICM in 1/35th scale.


After the Chernobyl nuclear power plant explosion a number of brave feats took place. One such event involved 3 volunteers who had agreed to go under the nuclear plant in order to drain the water that had collected in the tanks there, and prevent a major catastrophe as the molten contents of the reactor began to melt through the floor. These 3 men were told that the task was almost certainly fatal due to radiation poisoning risk. The 3 volunteers entered the water below the plant, made their way to the valves they needed to open to drain the water in the dark with Gieger counters clicking the whole way through the task. Amazingly these 3 individuals beat the odds and all survived their suicide mission. 


This offering from ICM arrives in the usual way of a sturdy flip top cardboard box with a separate card lid showing the artwork. Inside the contents are packaged inside a single re-sealable plastic bag. A fold out display base is included, and an instruction sheet. An examination of the sprues reveals no moulding issues, along with small gates that are minimal in number. The set provides the 3 divers, and somebody in military garb helping them to get dressed. The diving equipment by its nature has minimal crease detail, but everything that I would expect to find is provided. The air line going from the gas cylinders to the divers are particularly well detailed. The military figure has good crease detail, and one of the appropriate breathing masks that were issued, with particular note on his uniform that the buckle holes are detailed at various points along the belt. 

Facial and hand detail of the figures is very good, considering that the 3 divers are wearing a mitten type glove and where the head is concerned the rubber portion of the outfit is in place. The mask for the divers is provided separately and on the finished figures is shown in various places on them, such as being worn, and placement before being worn. The face mask glass has been provided in clear plastic and is something a number of manufacturers could learn from. 


This release from ICM is quite a nice vignette set, as it could indicate the divers prior to starting their mission - so an intense scene. It could also be them coming out after accomplishing their mission - so a celebratory scene. The details I have seen on the figures, and the parts provided with them indicates to me that this set has been well thought out and provides a very complete scene. 



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