Here we get a look at one of Vespid Models latest releases in the form of a Centurion Mk5 in 1/72nd scale.


1/72nd scale armour models tends to make most people think back to the days of the Airfix and Matchbox offerings from the 1970s. However, in the present Vespid models have taken the 1/72nd scale injection moulded plastic offerings to a whole new level. Along with the injection moulded plastic Vespid Models include turned aluminium barrels, photo etch elements, metal wires and 3D printed resin elements. 

In this release of the Centurion tank Mk5 Vespid has brought together all of these elements in this case. For those who remember 1/72nd of old, this offering from Vespid could not be further from that. You are presented with individual suspension elements, link and length tracks - with the track sag built in. The tub and turret are conventional as you would expect to find in a 1/35th scale offering, and I feel that the moulded on detail present is also reminiscent of 1/35th scale. There are a lot of parts that need to come together in this model, and the level of detail replicated is of a very high standard. For those modellers who do not like metal barrels, an injection moulded plastic offering is also included. Looking at the individual parts, I cannot help but be impressed with just how good the detail is. The canvas mantlet cover is the 3D printed resin part, and again exceptional detail is present. In addition to the very high quality of this kit you are provided with 7 finishing options. Unfortunately no specifics of what each option represents is provided beyond the box top letting you know it is 1-4 of the Royal Tank Regiment. 


Every time I look at one of the kit offerings from Vespid Models I am always impressed. The level of detail and the various materials used provide the modeller with the possibility of an exceptional Braille scale Centurion. Finding fault with this model is nigh on impossible, with the lack of details for the finishing options present being the only weak area I can find in the release. I do believe that the only way that you could improve upon this release is to go with full resin kits with all the issues and costs that that entails, and even then I suspect you would be hard pushed to beat Vespid models kit offering.



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