Here we get a look at a Zvezda release in the form of a Bumerang Russian 8X8 Armored Personnel Carrier in 1/72nd scale.


The following introduction is as provided by Zvezda:

The Bumerang Russian 8 wheeled amphibious infantry fighting vehicle is based on the Bumerang universal combat platform and designed to transport units, provide fire support in battle, destroy manpower, anti tank weapons and light armoured enemy vehicles. The armament consists of the universal combat module “Epoch” ( Boumerang- BM) with a 30mm 2A42 automatic cannon, and a selective ammunition fed system (500 rounds), a 7.62mm Kalashnikov machine gun (2000 cartridges) and two twin Kornet anti tank missile systems. It has a crew of three, and can transport 7-8 soldiers. The Bumerang Infantry fighting vehicle was first demonstrated to the public at the 2015 Moscow victory day parade.


The offering from Zvezda is provided in a flip top cardboard tray, which is then inserted into an end opening card carton. There are two plastic bags containing the parts for the model. The vinyl rubber tyres are loose in the book, a painting guide is supplied and the instructions are provided in a fold out sheet format, with the decals protected inside. From what I can see, the mouldings have been well done, when it comes to avoiding some of the common issues. 

The suspension and axle mounts are locked in a level travel position, and I do not believe it would be possible to articulate them. The wheels and the hubs have good detail, but I know that vinyl tyres are not favourably received by a good number of modellers. With that said, resin manufacturers normally remedy this type of issue, early on. There is no internal detail either in the hull or the turret, but the detail present is well replicated in the case of this model. For those modellers who fancy having a crack at adding some interior detail, the access hatches have been provided as separate parts in the case of the hull. 

The hull exterior detail is well defined, with a surprising number of very small parts, such as grab handles and towing eyes. The turret of the model also shares good exterior detail, a minor gripe is that the main gun is locked in a flat trajectory and giving the modellers no other options. Assembly itself should be fairly straight forward provided you are not having issues with using very small parts. Of all the parts in the release, I do have some minor concerns about the suspension parts, as some of the details just look a little soft. Finishing wise, you are given two options, with no details being provided on exactly what is what. However, one is definitely a Victory parade one, the other is as I believe it would look in the field if camouflaged. The decals are a little on the thick side, but are not beyond use. 


This particular vehicle from the Russian Federation is not one that I am familiar with, but looking at what is provided in the box it does look an interesting vehicle. The parts of the model are for the most part very well moulded, with my only concern being the suspension units, which look a little soft. In all other respects the moulding detail should please most. If I am going to pick fault with the model, it would be that the main gun is locked in a flat trajectory. The vinyl rubber tyres, which will not be popular with all, and the decals which are a little on the thick side, and no details on exactly what the finished model represents.



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