Darren Baker takes a look at something a little different from Pen and Sword with a book titled 'Building a WWII Jeep'.


The following introduction is taken from the Pen and Sword website:

The Jeep as we know it from WW2 news reels, big screen movies and television shows such as M.A.S.H. or The Rat Patrol was the result of the US War Department's requirement for a light command-reconnaissance car to meet the US Army’s needs under the threat of a looming European war. After only a few weeks of development the Jeep would end up in all of the Allied armies of the world courtesy of Bantam, Willy's and Ford. Many of the Jeeps built during the war would go on to serve for over 60 years in various parts of the world in both military and civilian use.

This book is a basic guide to building a WW2 Jeep using restored, rebuilt and modern reproduction parts for those who have never done it before, just as I hadn't either. You'll find a clear step by step process used to build a truly historical vehicle. Combined with the other books and websites that will be noted in this volume as well as some basic auto mechanical knowledge on your part you should be able to have your own piece of Jeep history rolling in no time.


This offering from Pen and Sword is a hard backed book authored by Sean Dunnage. The book consists of 236 glossy pages that are stitched into the spine, which is a sign of quality in my opinion. The book is laid out over eleven chapters, not including the introduction and conclusion. The chapters are:

Before starting just restoration

Identifying your Jeep

Rebuilding the Chassis and Drive Train

Engine sub-sections

Driver Controls

Engine Starter

The Body

Wiring the Electrical System

The Fuel System

The Jeep Console and Firewall

The Final Details

This offering from Pen and Sword starts with a look at the authors first Jeep and his reasons for deciding that he wanted one. The Jeep he has is no oil painting, but I believe was still loved. The book is presented with a liberal application of photographs and schematics, alongside the text. You get to see how the author decided on which vehicle to purchase, and what to look at when choosing what to buy. You can think of this title as an in-depth Haynes manual that’s been produced by someone with a love for the vehicle. The text is entirely in English, is well written and easily followed. In the text, the author even considers what equipment you ideally require to tackle putting a Jeep back on its wheels.

The full colour photographs in the title, shows just how much blood, sweat and tears were put into the rebuilding of his Jeep to an extremely high standard. The photographs point out areas you need to look at, and details that you need to note. The schematics show specific re-builds, down to the tiniest nut and bolt. Spares for the Jeep family, are still available. However most parts come from 

America, so shipping can become quite expensive. 


There is an expression in the UK, that when it comes to the WWII Jeep, just like your bum-hole everybody has one!! But not everyone knows how to present one to an extremely high standard. For the person who has a particular affection, or has a Jeep this offering from Pen and Sword and authored by Sean Dunnage, should answer all of the questions you have, and all of the questions you can think of. 



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