This review covers the 2nd extended edition of the photo reference book from Wings & Wheel Publications (WWP) covering Buffalo MPCV.


The Buffalo Mine Protected Clearance Vehicle (MPCV) is a 23-ton vehicle intended to defeat mines and improvised explosive devices. It is a heavily-armored v-hulled vehicle designed for route clearance, with an integral 30-foot extension arm utilized to handle suspected explosive devices and execute the delicate work of clearing routes of explosive hazards.


Almost 10 years after the first edition, which is out of print for quite a while now, WWP recently published the 2nd extended edition of Buffalo MPCV in Detail.

• Title: Buffalo MPCV in Detail – Buffalo A1/A2 Mine Protected Clearance Vehicle

• Publisher: Wings & Wheels Publications (WWP)

• Code: G068

• Authors: Jeffrey DeRosa & Ralph Zwilling

• Format: softcover (22x24 cm)

• Pages: 72

• Color: full color

• Language: English

• ISBN: 978-80-87509-89-0

• Retail Price: $30 (€24)

The parcel from WWP arrived packed in a hard cardboard box, additionally secured inside a bubble-wrap. As soon as I removed the wrapping, I flipped through the pages. My first impressions? The book is packed with astonishing photographs showing just about every aspect of the subject: large full-page photos show the general layout of the Buffalo, while numerous smaller images deal with various vehicle details. In fact, it seems like just about every single nut and bolt was documented from several angles. This really seems to be the reference material die-hard modelers crave for. Another big plus for me is that the vehicles are photographed deployed in OIF/OEF or during training exercises. I particularly appreciate the photos showing well-worn vehicles from the Middle East… these will definitely come in handy when weathering the model.

The book is organized in 10 chapters:

• History and Development (002-007)

• Walk Around (008-017)

• Interrogation Arm (018-023)

• Suspension (024-029)

• A1 Interior (030-037)

• ISAF A2 (038-041)

• A2 Exterior Details (042-055)

• A2 Interior Details (056-061)

• A2 Suspension (062-067)

• Interrogation Arm (068-072)

The first chapter, History and Development, covers the origins of Buffalo MPCV and explains its design peculiarities. After a short introduction, the book continues with photo references. The Walk Around chapter spans over 14 pages and shows the complete exterior of the well-worn A1 type vehicle. The Interrogation Arm presents the most important device on the vehicle, the robotic arm built by the Italian company Fassi Gru S.p.A. This chapter has all the details packed in 6 pages and provides amazing references for super-detailing the extendable arm on Buffalo model. Next up is the Suspension chapter, showing suspension elements from different angles. The chapter with A1 Interior follows, covering the armored cabin: both the front section with driver's and commander's compartment, as well as the rear compartment. ISAF A2 provides a short photographic/textual introduction to Buffalo A2 variant, listing the changes made to modify and improve the vehicle. These changes are shown in A2 Exterior Details as well as in A2 Interior Details. A short chapter on A2 Suspension follows, providing additional images of the vehicle’s axles. Finally, Interrogation Arm chapter shows details of the Fassi robotic arm in the deployed position, as it would interrogate a possible IED.

WWP has once again produced an exceptional photo reference book which should be very welcomed by modelers and vehicle enthusiasts alike. The photos are the main reason modelers buy reference books, and this particular volume features over 200 high-resolution, large color photos showing almost every aspect of Buffalo MPCV, exterior and interior, in great detail. The information supplied is kept short and concise; the intro gives interesting details on the origins of the vehicle, while the brief captions provide a very informative read, explaining various details presented in the photos.


Buffalo MPCV in Detail from WWP provides an amazing photographic reference covering on the one of the most peculiar vehicles in use today. Packed with high-quality images, the title includes almost everything a modeler would need to super-detail a Buffalo, both A1 and A2 variants. The only thing missing are the detailed photos of the cage armor, which is often used on these vehicles in Iraq and Afghanistan.

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