Darren Baker looks at and builds the British police officer release in 1/16th scale.


ICM has released large numbers of 1/16th scale figures over the last few years to become the company with the largest range in injection moulded plastic I believe. The latest of these is a police officer standing at ease in full uniform. This police officer is a metropolitan officer that can be identified by his helmet plate. So let’s see what is on offer.


The model is packaged in the now familiar flip top cardboard tray with an additional card lid with the artwork on it. This approach has improved the storage for the model collectors and means that when posted it has a better than average chance of being undamaged. The model is packed in a single re-sealable bag without issue in this case. The mouldings are in a good condition and each part has good access when it comes to removal from the sprue.

When looking at this model I had a very deliberate purpose for it due to a friend recently having retired from the police, and if you have a similar plan in mind you need to think a little. In the UK there are at least two helmet designs of this type; the one offered here and another with a pronounced ridge funning from the top and down the back and the pip on the top altered to a cap. Also clearly seen here is the big differences seen in the helmet plates and so you may need to give this consideration. The offering here from ICM matches a good number of forces and even the helmet plate is a good choice for many. I need to modify this to Wiltshire police and that only requires work on the centre of the helmet plate. Due to this I wish that ICM had offered both helmet types and potentially decals for different forces. I obviously accept that changes such as Hampshire would not be practical.

Uniform detail is very good to represent a desk front officer, standing at the Prime Ministers residence or one attending court, street uniform is more akin to that on a previous release of a firearms female police officer. My only gripes about this figure is that he is very small for 1/16th scale and it is not that many years ago when there was a 6ft requirement for the MET, but with that said there are smaller officers in service now and so you can get away with the figure as is. The height is only a little under the usual 5’8’’ but the build is on the slight side giving the visual appearance of a smaller figure. I have included an image against a 1/16th resin figure by Alpine and a 1/16 injection moulded figure by Tamiya so that you can assess for yourselves. I will say that the figure being a standalone offering the size is mute to a point. 


Putting this together is easy as regards everything below the neck, and I was able to obtain clean joints without any issue at all. When assembled I have noted what I think are creases running from the neck/shoulder to under the arms, I do not like these and will be filling them. The head and helmet are held together on the figure using PVA while I undercoated them. The head is made of three pieces with the chin strap being the joint between the face and two rear head parts which provides a good result. The helmet is made of four pieces and fights back and means I am not pleased which results in some filling and sanding in my future without destroying the moulded detail.


This offering from ICM is a breeze to build for the most part with just the helmet fighting the modeller. Detail is very good for officers all the way from the 1940,s onwards if not earlier. I would have liked to see different helmet style and plates provided, but accept this would be a UK issue only. The build of the figure is on the very slight side which may look odd if not displayed alone. 



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