Darren Baker takes a look at the British ATM w/SLLPT and drop drum trailer by Gecko Models in 1/35th scale.


The ATMP in this offering from Gecko Models, in 1/35th scale is a great accompaniment to the British Special Forces with support groups which has just been released from Gecko Models. Within the British armed forces, this vehicle has a presence and provides all terrain support, plus is also amphibious and so is a go anywhere vehicle. No protection is provided for the troops using it, but this a support vehicle rather than an assault vehicle. The vehicle can handle a payload of up to 1600 kg and can also be used to tow the British light gun. This offering is provided with a specialised trailer and SLLPT.


This offering from Gecko Models, arrives in a cardboard tray with flip top lid and an additional card lid with artwork. Inside the various components and sprues are supplied in a mix of zip lock and sealed plastic bags, plus of course the instruction booklet. An examination of the parts reveals very nice crisp mouldings that are very clean. I have to praise Gecko Models for their packaging as despite the box looking as if it was delivered by plane without landing the crush damage has not affected the model parts.

This particular vehicle is quite a simple design, the hull of the vehicle as a flat bottomed boat appearance, but I appreciate the effort put in to getting the angles and limited detail present. Part of the reason I appreciate this effort is looking for reference is hard work, as I was only able to find very little information regarding this vehicle. The controls for the vehicle are akin to a quad bike, but something that is a little odd, is that the handle grips are at different heights, which I would imagine makes this a odd feeling vehicle to steer. Gecko Models released a photo etch tread pattern set for this model in the initial release and I am very pleased to now have this supplied with the model. Something I found of note is that there are some pieces that need to be removed with a sharp blade or chisel and holes drilled which makes me wonder how many variants of this model Gecko has in the works. The crew area of the model is limited to two seats, an over shoulder harness and a roll cage to protect the occupants.

The wheels of the model have been very well tackled and you can see from their size and tread how with the physical floating attributes of the hull provide the drive for the vehicle. The tread pattern of the tyres has been slide moulded, the front and rear faces are applied via separate parts, and finally a rudimentary axle is included so that the modeller can leave the model so the wheels rotate, should they wish. A shovel and axe are provided for storage on the vehicle with photo etch clamps, provided for both except the blade of the shovel.

This vehicle has been provided with a hydraulic winch, which can be shown stored in the vehicle or in use. The details provided are of a good quality, but I would have liked to have seen the chain elements provided in chain rather than in mouldings, and is one of the few changes I would make to the base kit. The trailer of the vehicle is not one with which I am familiar, but the detail provided is visually appealing and I have learnt not to question Gecko’s accuracy as they are normally correct. The rubberised storage vessel strangely needs to have weight added to it and I presume is this to tension the rubber bands that form part of the sling. The set up of this vehicle and its trailer, and I was unable to find on-line reference, but Gecko Models does provide photographic evidence for this trailer and delivery vessel.

A single figure is included for the model. This figure has the option of two heads, with and without eye protection. The only issue I can see with the figure, is that the helmet straps look a little on the heavy side where they extend out from the head. Depending on how you feel about this, you can always thin or replace them and there is a lot of flash to clean up. The figure is in a seated position and is driving the vehicle. This is an attribute that I greatly approve of, as it is something that I was not expecting to find. Personal weapon wise, we have a number of options: you get a Glock 17 and sig 226 automatic pistols, these are provided both in and out of their holsters and so provide some nice spares. Rifle wise, you have three L85A2 rifles with two designs of sight and one of these has an under slung grenade launcher. Photo etch is also provided for the weapons slings. Gecko Models has provided in the instructions images for the multi terrain pattern camouflage and the dessert disruptive pattern material depending on what you wish to represent. Finishing wise you are left with the standard all green or sand coloured vehicles, but I am sure if you look around alternative options are available.


This offering from Gecko Models is a nice inclusion in their range of ATMP vehicles. I have two observations which are that no drill size is indicated for making the needed holes and the amount of flash on the figure. In all other regards this is an interesting release that will catch the eye due to being very different from the normal fare.




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