Darren Baker takes a look at the latest ATMP release from Gecko Models in 1/35th scale in the form of a British ATMP WMIK (Airborne).


The following introduction is as provided by Gecko Models:

British forces have used the ATMP (All Terrain Mobility Platform) since 1988 to fulfil various logistic roles within its Airborne forces, the Royal Artillery, Royal Air Force, Royal Marines and with the MOD on range duties. The vehicles were developed as a direct result of lessons learned during the Falklands conflict, specifically a lack of all-terrain mobility for light forces, their re-supply and artillery support. It is a simple but very effective design, air portable, amphibious, with a low ground pressure and six wheel drive, enabling it to traverse rough terrain, whilst carrying up to eight troops (and two crew), or a standard NATO pallet or other stores. In Arctic conditions tracks can be fitted for improved mobility. The ATMP has a very healthy payload of up to 1,600kgs; using either the forklift pallet trailer or self loading lightweight pallet trailer, and another 400kgs can be towed, and it has also been used for towing the L118 105mm light gun, and the Rapier air defence missile system. A crane can also be fitted for ease of loading and un-loading. ATMP can be configured for different roles, including troop transport, ammunition carrier, fuel carrier/pump using portable fuel bladders, casualty evacuation and using ‘WMIK’ weapons mounts it can be fitted with 12.7mm, 7.62mm machine guns or MILAN anti-tank systems for the fire support role. The ATMP has served in Kosovo, Iraq (both conflicts), and in the early stages of Afghanistan, where it was withdrawn in 2010. 


This offering arrives in a flip top cardboard tray, with a separate card lid showing the artwork. The contents are packaged in several plastic and Ziploc bags, which helps protect against bowing, abrasion and breakage. An examination of the parts, reveals no concerns beyond taking care during removal of pieces. 

It is worth saying at the start, that for a diminutive model there are a surprising number of parts that go into its construction, and due to all of these you get a high level of detail. The lower hull of the vehicle is a single piece moulding to which everything else is attached. Various rails and light clusters are added that once added will be at risk of breakage. A lot of photo etch is used for fine parts, with diamond patterned photo etch sheet used on both upper hull platforms. It has been suggested by Gecko Models that a 60g weight is added to the central well of the hull, and tongue in cheek I wonder if it is to stop it floating away as it is so light!

The driver’s position in the vehicle is provided with controls that are very similar to a motorcycle. However, the handlebars are off set in that one side is higher than the other, and must make it feel odd when driving. The seating at the front is well replicated, as is the harness detail which adds a nice eye catching aspect. The wheels for the vehicle are all injection moulded plastic, and made up of six separate parts, which provides the modeller with a very good level of detail and avoids the thorny issue of vinyl rubber tyres.

Stowage on the model is well catered to, with framed structures, with of a combination photo etch strapping in some locations and photo etch strapped down ammunition boxes in other areas. The anti-roll cage that protects the crew also has rear supports with a turret ring secured between them. Further ammunition and fuel storage is added to this structure, again secured via photo etch strapping, and plastic structures. A bull bar with a winch is mounted on the front of the vehicle, and smoke grenade launchers mounted in groups of four around the vehicle. The front winch is an interesting item, and I was trying to think of an idea for showing it in use. 

The weapons ring, is provided with a 50cal machine gun with a liberal use of photo etch parts to represent the ammunition can holder with the securing mount structure having photo etch cross member securing bolts provided. While not included in the model, I would suspect that an automatic grenade launcher could be mounted here instead if sourced from an aftermarket provider. A GPMG is mounted on the front passenger side, with a good level of traverse with the ammunition can holder again made up of several pieces of photo etch. Also included in this release are several items of webbing, such as bergens, and camalpacks which can be secures around the vehicle as desired. I was very pleased to find, the crew’s personal weapons included in the offering despite their locating areas not being covered in the instructions. You are provided with three personal weapons, two LA85A2s with different scopes and a L85A2 with grenade launcher. Photo etch slings are also provided for all three weapons. You will also find Glock 17’s and Sig 226s both in and out of holsters, and so a great mix of weaponry for the modeller to pick and choose. 

A single figure is included with this release, whom is provided as the driver. Good crease detailed in provided as required in the uniform, body armour is present. Hand and face detail is good, with the option of the figure wearing or not wearing goggles. The heads unfortunately require clean up due to flash, which is quite obvious. In all other respects, the figure would appear to be very pleasing, as even decals in the form of a British flag and rank insignia is included in the release, as are separate ammunition pouches. I also appreciate that Gecko Models has provided colour photographs of the two patterns of camouflage used most commonly.


This release from Gecko Models, is the form of an ATMP is perhaps the most visually appealing due to the aggressive look, thanks to the weapons mounted on the vehicle. The thing I like about this release and Gecko Models generally, is that they supply everything you could possibly want in the box, and only really requires the addition of a suitable setting, to display the model on. Extra figures could be included, and while choice is limited there are plastic and resin offerings available. This will obviously provide your model, with a unique look about it. 



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