Darren Baker takes a look at an AK interactive book release titled British at War.


This offering from AK InterActive is not authored by any specific person, but contains the work from many different artists. This release is listed as No 1 - implying that more will follow, and is a soft backed book with a folded over card cover, protecting 128 pages of light glossy stock paper. The high gloss aspect of the paper has the benefit of presenting the photographs particularly well. The contents of this title are as follows:

An Introduction by Chris Meddings

Hard Landing by Rick Lawler

British Hunter by ByeongSoo Kim

A Normal Day by Kreangkrai Paojinda

Heavy British by Kristof Pulinckx

Fieldmouse by Denis Panov

Bawhorse by Fabrizio Mercuri

British Icon by Lukasz Orczyc-musialek

Desert Ghost by Abilio Pineiro Grajera

Last Crusader by Jia Sheng Wu

Double Hunt by Witold Socha

The various contents of this title have been well presented, as regards construction, finishing and display. Each individual entry shows the building in brief for the most part, some more involved than others, but of a suitable degree that the modeller is presented with how high end modellers tackle their builds to achieve the high quality results, that modellers find so appealing. I appreciate the effort put into this aspect of the publication, as it presents me with details on different methodology. With the result that it gives me the confidence to attempt some of the skills shown. 

In addition to the building of a model, you are in some cases presented with dioramas, and how modellers approach them. In order to display their models at their best, and it is dioramas that I struggle with most, as getting a realistic appearance can be a very problematic. It should be noted that not all of the models are shown in a diorama, with some being displayed on simple bases or none at all, and I appreciate this approach, as it shows you  what each display method can result in. Looking through the title, something else that I appreciate is that the artist have not used exclusively AK products, and in doing so have created what I consider to be a well rounded publication, and shows that results can be achieved using products from many different companies. 


This release should prove popular with modellers of all abilities, and to some extent interests, as I feel it would give everybody some new ideas on tackling their modelling, regardless of their skill level, I say this because regardless of how long you are engaged in the hobby, we are always learning. The presentation style has been well chosen and results in most of the methodology being easily understood, and so encourages you to attempt some of the methods shown.



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