Black Ops Models brings us a very detailed set to build the modern Australian Army M1A1 SA in 1/35.

Black Ops Models out of Australia has brought another great conversion set to the market.  The set is intended to be used with the Dragon M1A2 kit (3536) but could be used with almost any modern M1A2 kit.  It includes al the parts needed to build a modern Australian M1A1 SA.  It also includes stowage items such as Aussie water cans and fuel cans, .50cal ammo and shells, a milk crate, a gas bottle, and Aussie ration boxes.  The instruction booklet is easy to follow and shows everything that needs to be added, changed, or deleted for the conversion.  It also include a picture of a completed vehicle with callouts to assist in parts placement.  It is a very complete set.  All the pieces are very crisp in details and look great as well.

Kit contains:

  • Fridge mounted to bustle rack
  • Connectors for slave cables & 0.5mm wire
  • Commanders remote thermal sight
  • M2 / M48 Quick change barrel
  • Australian pattern water cans
  • Australian pattern fuel cans
  • Australian pattern ration boxes
  • Turret mount for spare wheel
  • 2 types of tank infantry phone - each with door open or closed
  • CIP - combat identification panel
  • DAGR remote antenna
  • Umbrella mount
  • Engine Deck insert
  • .50cal shell casings
  • 2L Gas bottle
  • Milk crate
  • Plastic oil container
  • Commanders remote thermal sight cable cover
  • Fridge power adaptor box
  • Turret cable cover
  • Trimcast Army shipping box
  • .50cal links

I highly recommend this set.  It will allow you to build a very detailed, Aussie-specific version of the M1A1 SA.  The set has all you need to build it except decals, which are available from Echelon Fine Details (D356176).  This is a great set, full of details and the required pieces for the conversion, and then some.



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